Franz Lino/Photography Editor

Whether you have a hot date or are planning a fun day with friends, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to get dolled up. If you have no idea what kind of face you want to sport, don’t fret, as Pipe Dream has put together three looks that you’re sure to love.


This fresh look is great if you’re not fully comfortable wearing a lot of makeup, or just want to take a more minimalist approach. Pink is the overwhelming theme here.

1) For the eyes, start by covering the entire eye with a shadow that is the same shade as your skin tone.

2) Begin to buff a medium to dark brown into the crease, blending it upward so that it’s blended seamlessly to give the impression that it disappears into the brow bone.

3) Add a little liner to your upper lash line, and then pack on the mascara.

4) Add foundation and contour the face with a mild bronzer and add a bit of a rosy blush to the cheeks. Contouring can be tricky, so check out some YouTube tutorials.

5) Finish off the lips with a mauve that complements your skin tone. For girls with deeper skin tones, cover your lips with a bit of your foundation so that the lip color can mix with it a bit, thus toning it down to fit your color.


Who doesn’t automatically associate Valentine’s Day with a bold cat eye and red lip?

1) As described in the “delicate” look, add definition to the crease with a medium to deep brown, but add a lighter, matte shade to the lid.

2) Sweep on a cat eye and add mascara.

3) Use bronzer, cream contour or deeper liquid foundation to contour the face.

4a) To add a twist to this classic look, we opted for an ombré look on the lips. For this look you’ll need two red lipsticks, one dark and one medium. You’ll want to pick colors with similar undertones, meaning if you like bright orange reds, get two reds with orange undertones. If you like deep, purple reds, get two reds with purple undertones.

4b) Next, use the darker shade to color the outermost portions of your lips. Then fill in the middle, and cover a bit of the darker shade with the lighter shade. Lightly press your lips together a few times to mix the shades so that they bleed seamlessly.


This look is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Valentine’s Day, and it’s definitely for someone with an adventurous soul.

1) As in the previous two looks, you’ll start with a flesh-toned base on the eye and a brown shade in the crease.

2) Build upon that by adding a deep purple to the crease. Start on the outer crease and blend in toward the nose. You’ll want this color to stay concentrated in the crease, so when you blend it just blend it side to side, not upward. This is a process you’ll want to take your time with. Move slowly and build your coverage. You can always add more, but you can’t take away without starting over.

3) Next, place a metallic on your lid that’s close to your skin color.

4) Add foundation and add a defined contour.

5) For the lips, use a deep purple, liquid matte lipstick.

You can watch the video tutorial here.