Elizabeth Manning/Editorial Illustrator

Well seniors, the final countdown is upon us. Like all good things, even college must come to an end. I know, I know, you’d rather not talk about it, but there’s way too much to do on the road ahead to start neglecting things now. Some of us will continue further down the rabbit hole of academia, others will enter a less-than-forgiving workforce. Whatever comes after, we will all be sharing the stage on that fateful weekend in May when we finally say goodbye to Binghamton University, degrees in tow. With approximately 113 days left until the ceremonies begin, the pressing question is: how will you fill them?

You’ve undoubtedly heard the term “senior bucket list” before, but if you haven’t, it’s the list of things that a senior wants to do before they graduate. The truth: these days of our lives are going to end and now is the time to start making the decisions about what will ultimately define them as the “best years of your life.” While these lists often include novelty memories like “sex in Bartle/Lecture Hall/undisclosed public place,” they might also include more powerful emotions, like finally telling that person you’ve been crushing on how you feel.

Or, let’s suppose you’ve been a bit of a homebody these last few years. Maybe it’s time you finally went out and explored the city you’ve shied away from. Granted, Downtown Binghamton can be a little intimidating at first, but it’s really not so bad. Court Street alone is home to gems like Laveggio, M&D-R-Nuts, RiverRead Books and so much more. Not to mention, there’s no better time to start trying out all the restaurants you’ve never been to. Binghamton might not be New York City, but there is a trove of art and culture to appreciate for those with a willingness to go find it.

Contrarily, if Binghamton is just not the place for you, leave! How many times in your life will you be caught in Upstate New York? Unless you’re from here, probably not many. Both Syracuse and Ithaca are a mere hour’s drive away and ripe for exploration. If you’re tired of never finding anything in the Oakdale Mall, give Destiny USA in Syracuse a shot. If you’re bored of circling the Nature Preserve to get your fix of the outdoors, Ithaca has a whole roster of waterfalls and hiking trails for you to visit.

These four months can’t be all play and no work, however. PSA: graduation isn’t a right, it’s a privilege. Four months might not seem like a long time, but it’s plenty of time to completely derail your graduation goals. This is it; there’s no time left for makeups. It’s time, ladies and gentlemen, to keep your eyes on the prize. Stay focused, go to class and for the love of God, don’t fail yoga. Oh, and don’t forget to order your cap and gown.

Lastly, maybe it’s time to start looking for a job. The next step of our lives is just as important as the one that came before it and it’s much better to start preparing for the future as early as possible. Nobody wants to be left floundering after college in their parents’ basement, so start sending out some résumés. Speaking of, get your résumé reviewed while you’re still here. We’re leaving, so it’s time to drain this school of all the resources they have available to us.

If none of this piques your interest, then ask yourself: what are the things you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t? What kept you from doing these things before? If the answer to the latter question is “busy,” it’s time to free up that schedule. Get out of the house. Go party with Rasa. Become a Weekend Warrior. Get brunch. It doesn’t matter. Just make this semester the best ever, because it’s the last one you’re going to get.