Recently, the producer DJ Khaled has taken Snapchat by storm by posting inspirational videos to his story. Checking his feed daily has become a habit for many people, as it contains some nuggets of wisdom, which Khaled refers to as “major keys” to living. But DJ Khaled isn’t the only one using social media to drop some wisdom. If you dig through enough garbage retweets, the internet can actually provide a constant source of inspiration for the new year, and can definitely help make 2016 #blessed. If you can’t get enough of DJ Khaled’s advice, follow the accounts below for even more wisdom.


caseyneistat: Casey Neistat is a vlogger and producer who often shares his day-in-the-life style videos through Snapchat, in addition to posting them to his YouTube account. His style of talking directly to the camera about what he is doing helps the viewer feel connected to Neistat, and will definitely inspire you to be more curious about what is around you and to work harder to make sure you are doing the things you love.

hannahbgood: In addition to showing off her killer abs, Hannah Bronfman, a DJ and fitness celebrity, shares videos and pictures of her workouts, healthy meals and celebrity events. Yes, she has it all, and her account will make you want it all, too.


@simonsinek: Author and TED talker Simon Sinek tweets about life, work and play, while providing inspirational insights about achieving success. Sinek’s goal of providing inspiration is clear in his Twitter bio, in which he writes, “To run & jump & laugh & cry & love & hope & imagine … to experience as much as I can all for one purpose: to inspire.”

@GinaRudan: Every day, author and Google employee Gina Rudan shares her insights about life, including making tough choices and tackling challenges. A recent example is a quote Rudan shared from Goethe: “We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden.”

@UncleRUSH: Russell Simons often tweets short and sweet messages about love, peace and happiness, as well as other insightful articles or stories. The business magnate is constantly praising other celebrities, and will remind you to compliment your friends a little more often.


@levoleague: Levo League began as a website for Millennial job seekers and young professionals, but has since morphed into a more socially driven network for those same audience members to connect and share ideas. Their Instagram account shares inspiring images paired with easy actions to take to get ahead in your career, making the thought of post-graduation adult life a little less stressful.

@natgeotravel: Run by National Geographic Magazine, this account is constantly filling feeds with awe-inspiring photos that will make you want to go anywhere you can get a plane ticket to. Even if you can’t really afford to travel this semester, this account will remind you to get outside and off campus, to look around and to see things in a new light.

Tumblr: Even if you are not religious, you’ll be able to find a post you like on this account. The account pairs inspiring quotes with killer visual design skills to create images you will definitely consider making your phone background. This account, run by The Trevor Project — an organization that provides services and support to LGBTQ youth — shares things from across the web including articles, comics, quotes, pictures and advice. Whether or not you identify as LGBTQ, this account offers lots of inspiration to overcome challenges you might be facing in any part of your life.