Illustration by Elizabeth Manning

New Year’s Eve is arguably the trickiest holiday to get dressed for. You have the task of finding an outfit that will work just as well at midnight as it does getting brunch the next morning. Your New Year’s get-up needs to end 2015 on a high note and start 2016 on the right foot. Here are some of Pipe Dream’s tips so you can watch the ball drop without dropping the ball on your style.

Almost everyone has a body-con LBD (little black dress, and if not, don’t fret and check your local mall), and now is the time to break it out. For just hanging out with friends, this dress is basic like a t-shirt and jeans, except it actually tricks people into thinking you tried. For going out to any party or bar, you can add statement jewelry and make this look a total standout. Accessories are key to this look, but make sure you leave room for 2016 glasses and ridiculous hats.

Velvet is everywhere this winter and New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to try out this trend. It’s soft, it’s warm and it’s basically a Juicy Couture track suit you’re allowed to call fancy. Try it in a mini dress or as a body suit with jeans.

If your favorite part of the night is watching the ball drop, donning metallic garb may be the right move for you. The trick to wearing something shiny on New Year’s Eve is to make sure people don’t see you and start counting down (e.g. you don’t want people to confuse you for the ball). The best ways to incorporate metallics into your look is with your accessories: a shiny platform shoe or bag offer just the right amount of bling.

Sequins may seem like a quintessential holiday party look, but should be used with caution. While they work well for midnight, you might feel silly waking up on your first morning of 2016 with your hair tangled in the shiny silver discs on your shirt. If you feel very strongly that you need to sparkle on New Year’s Eve, try glitter eyeshadow or sparkling body powder.

Despite the warm weather we’ve been experiencing during the day, it has been getting chilly at night, and New Year’s Eve will be no exception. Especially if you will be spending a lot of time outside party-hopping, outwear is an important consideration. If you want to make your coat of choice part of your look, a jean jacket or white faux fur go with practically everything. If you plan to take off your coat as soon as you walk in the door, thrift-shopping for an oversize blazer or retro windbreaker might be the way to go. A plus to this plan: if you lose your coat, it is not that big of a deal.

Whatever you decide to wear, remember that New Year’s Eve is a night to look forward to the year and outfits to come. Be warm, skip the sequins, and enjoy the night.