For us off-campus students, leaving our warm, cozy houses to go to class on-campus can be a struggle. Whether that means waking up earlier to get a spot closer than M lot or rushing to catch an OCCT bus, the trek to campus can get tiresome. With finals coming up, finding a spot to study just adds to the challenge. Who wants to go through all of that effort just to circle the Glenn G. Bartle Library for an hour trying to find a desk next to an outlet? No one. But don’t stress, because Pipe Dream has come up with a list of the best off-campus study spots, so you can worry about your research paper instead.

Broome County Public Library

If you thrive in the library environment, try studying at the Broome County Public Library. Located on Court Street past the traffic circle, Broome County Public Library is a quiet place closer to home to get your work done. You can also access the library’s databases while you’re there if you need to do any last-minute research.

Your Home Public Library

For those who live further down Main Street, Your Home Public Library in Johnson City is another option for silent studying. It’s a cozy, historic building, and if you’re easily distracted, it’s unlikely you’ll see anyone you know. Studying at either of these libraries would be best if you’re the most productive during the day, since they close at 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 5 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

The Shop

When you’re trying to work in the evening, try The Shop. A café, bar and creperie on Washington Street, it’s perfect if you need a caffeine boost — or a beer — while you work. This spot is also great for those who work better with background noise rather than absolute silence. The Shop has plenty of tables for studying with friends or spreading out on your own, and there are no finals week woes that a sugary crepe can’t fix.


You may have had a class or two at the University Downtown Center (UDC), but it’s definitely an underrated study spot. The Pods area is way less crowded than anywhere on campus, and there’s a Jazzmans stand to cover your caffeine and snack needs. Large group and individual study rooms are located behind the Pods area, which is great if you’re planning to set up camp. UDC doesn’t offer as many tables for looking over textbooks and readings, but if you need a computer for papers or other assignments, it’s an easy option for off-campus students. Plus they’ve started extended hours for finals week; beginning this Wednesday, the UDC library, room 121 and room 122 are going to be open from 7:30 p.m. until 1:00 a.m.

Chroma Cafe and Bakery

If you’re on a time crunch and barely have a free moment to eat anymore, Chroma Cafe and Bakery covers all your needs. Their panini sandwiches and baked goods are perfect finals week fuel to shovel in your face with one hand while holding flashcards with the other. It also serves coffee from Laveggio Roasteria, which is located right next door. And if you’re looking to study at a coffee shop that isn’t a crowded Starbucks, try Laveggio — their Nutella latte is an important selling point.