Exercising can be a struggle, but if you’re listening to the right music it can be a way better experience. Upbeat songs are essential to breaking a good sweat, and fun music is especially necessary with finals looming in our future. Whether you’ve got your workout routine set or you’re down to try Pipe Dream’s ab circuit, this playlist is sure to get you to pump your fist while you pump iron.

“Sorry” — Justin Bieber

If you haven’t seen the video for Justin Bieber’s single “Sorry,” stop what you’re doing and watch it now. The song’s upbeat tempo is perfect for cardio, whether you draw inspiration from the video’s amazing choreography or skip the dance moves for a run on the treadmill. The song’s tropical house vibe is also rhythmically sound, so it’s a great choice to keep you going during repetitive body weight training like crunches or push ups.

“Plastic Bag” — Drake and Future

A true gem off of Drake and Future’s dual release “What a Time to Be Alive,” “Plastic Bag” is the perfect song for a move the rappers are sure to appreciate: squats. One of the slower and less-hype tracks, the song has a consistent rhythm that creates perfect timing for the up and down motion. Plus, you can pretend that you’re picking “up all the cash” while Drake watches. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

“Roses Ft. Rozes (Sammy Remix)” — The Chainsmokers

You should only listen to this song in public if you are comfortable with your dance moves, because it is impossible to sit still while it’s playing. The song gradually picks up in speed, so if you’re looking to transition from a jog to a run, we’ve got you covered in tempo. That being said, be careful not to fall off the treadmill from excitement once the beat drops. Also this song is on SoundCloud, but it’s worth the download.

“Cake By the Ocean” — DNCE

The song might talk about eating cake, but it’s enough to make you want to keep running for miles instead. This newer track is 3:38 seconds of pure unadulterated fun, and with four members, DNCE has an awesome group singing effect. You might be alone at the gym, but you’ll feel like a slew of your most high-energy friends are cheering you on. Also, Joe Jonas is in this band. Need we say more?

“Hit Em’ Up Style (Oops!)” — Blu Cantrell

For anyone that likes to work out while feeling like the coolest person in the gym, then travel to 2001 with this necessary workout track. This song is all about getting back at cheaters by selling their things and spending their money. Tune out everyone else in the room and feel like the badass you really are while you get in shape. How can you not feel motivated with lyrics like, “Put your hands on his cash and spend it to the last dime for all the hard times”?

“In Too Deep” — Sum 41

2001 brought us another great workout hit, this time in the form of Sum 41’s “In Too Deep.” This song is angsty and angry and everything that you need blasting in your ears while you attempt to lift. Especially if you’ve had a bad day, this song is cathartic in all the right ways. Channel that anger into something productive as you work off the pounds of stuffing you ate last Thursday.

“7/11” — Beyonce

If you want to get a Beyonce booty, then you’re going to need to put in some major work. The superstar’s hit is perfect for intense leg exercises, especially those that include any type of pulsing. Since the lyrics don’t really make sense, you won’t be distracted from the song’s infectious and high-energy rhythm, which will help get you through even the most painful of leg days.