Franz Lino/Photography Editor The Food Co-Op brings outdoor beauty to the Old Union basement with its latest mural. The artwork can be found next to the Food Co-Op in the Undergrounds Cafe.

It’s that time of year again, Release readers. You’ve been walking around campus, just begging to observe some great, artistic murals. We understand. Last year, we brought the lowdown on the best and worst murals around the New and Old Unions. From Hillel’s cross-cultural attempt to the profound disappointment that is the mural in the New Union basement, everyone can be a critic with the plethora of wall art on campus. We don’t want you to waste your time seeking out the mediocre, so we’re back with what’s hot and what’s not as far as Binghamton University murals go.

The Food Co-Op Mural

Now, this is a nice mural. Not to be confused with the artwork inside the Food Co-Op, this mural is located on a wall across from the mailboxes in the Undergrounds. It’s in the perfect location to brighten your day as you receive yet another Panda III menu in the mail. Additionally, it’s a nice remedy to the horror that is the previously critiqued Undergrounds Café mural. This wall is pleasing to the eye, and is well-painted without the pretentiousness of a Van Gogh. Let’s start from the left. A beautiful farmhouse, a pasture and a garden are in the midst of a sun emitting lush yellows, oranges and reds. Whether the sun is rising or setting is up for debate, so if you’re looking for something to ponder, look no further. At the bottom of the mural is a cross section of earth, where the words “Good,” “Clean,” and “Fair” are all written among the exposed roots. On the right of the mural, we can see the BU campus. For us, this is really where the mural hits home (no pun intended). Nothing is painted so crystalline so to appear as a photograph, but it’s very clear which building is which. The Glenn G. Bartle Library Tower is obviously there, but it doesn’t look like anyone tried to impress us. Nevertheless, we are impressed. If you’re looking to get a taste of Binghamton’s fall landscape without the effort of going outside, the Food Co-Op has you covered.