Provided by Viacom

On October 5, 2015, Viacom launched “The Splat,” a new cable TV block dedicated to bringing back some of the channel’s greatest animated and live-action series of the ‘90s. The lineup includes “Rugrats,” “As Told by Ginger,” “CatDog,” “Hey Arnold!,” “Rocket Power,” “Clarissa Explains it All,” “Rocko’s Modern Life” and many more.

The Splat is not an entirely new channel, but rather a programming block on TeenNick, much like Nick at Nite, which airs on Nickelodeon. Classic ’90s shows will screen nightly from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. The only downside? TeenNick isn’t available on campus, so you’ll have to find a friend Downtown with good cable, or wait until Thanksgiving break.

When you can watch it, however, get excited for not only some favorite throwback series, but also some schedules as they aired more than a decade ago. Nineties kids can rejoice over classic programming extras like Nick or Treat — a game show where kids call in to win prizes — making a comeback. There has also been talk of “U-Pick Live,” a show where viewers actually vote for which program they want to air, returning to the channel.

Melissa Moreno, a senior majoring in psychology, is particularly excited about the return of “U-Pick Live.”

“I was on that show,” Moreno explained. “I mean, I didn’t win anything, but still, I got to be on TV.”

Thanks to The Splat, ’90s kids like Melissa can relive their glory days.

Cyma Zarghami, president of Nickelodeon and Viacom Media Networks Kids and Family Group, made the announcement in a recent press release.

“We have been listening closely to our first generation of Nick kids that are craving the great characters and shows they grew up with watching Nickelodeon in the ’90s,” Zarghami said.

Nickelodeon has been promoting The Splat on social media via postings on its Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, Vine feed and Pinterest board. The channel’s online presence will allow viewers to have a say in how its programming progresses. Nickelodeon also plans to launch a new emoji keyboard in late October, featuring more than 30 Splat-themed emoticons, stickers and GIFs.

Involving the new TV block in social media tugs at the nostalgia lifelong fans have been posting about for years, as well as seizing the interest of new ones. Anyone will be able to enjoy The Splat, even if ’90s kids are the only ones who will remember it.

Nickelodeon announced that they will be airing some new programs alongside The Splat, the most exciting of which seems to be Teen Nick Top 10 — a music countdown hosted by famed Nickelodeon personality and former “All That” cast member Nick Cannon.

So, when you find yourself reminiscing about the good-ol-days filled with Tito’s insightful advice, Tommy Pickles’ antics and Eliza Thornberry’s wild adventures, tune in to The Splat — your childhood is just a remote click away.