File Photo Pictured: Mary Chu, a former employee of Mein Bowl. Chu was let go from her position at the start of the semester.

If you’re an avid Mein Bowl eater, then we don’t need to tell you that a lot has changed since last semester. This year’s selection has more variety and more flavors. And while you’re still starting out with the same defining base of either lo mein or fried rice, students now get a new choice of sauces and vegetables. The biggest change, however, has nothing to do with taste. Since the beginning of the semester, Mary Chu — a woman famous for her smile and shining personality — has not been working there, and students have noticed.

“I definitely miss her,” said Hannah Robins, a junior majoring in psychology. “Although the food is better, the vibe definitely took a hit with her absence.”

On August 28, Reddit user TeamOnodera2k15 posted on r/BinghamtonUniversity that his suitemates saw Chu in the Marketplace. According to the post, “she told them that Sodexo was ‘taking her job’ and then hugged them. No confirmation as to why it happened, but she did tell them that she was losing her job. I can’t believe they’re getting rid of the best Sodexo worker here.”

Mary is well known amongst the student body, and truly brought something special to the Marketplace.

“I’ve never been more disappointed in my life when I found out Mein Bowl Mary was fired,” said Jon Schneider, a senior double-majoring in mathematics and economics. “Her presence was one of the reasons why I would eat there.”

According to Sodexo officials, Mary was never actually employed by Sodexo, but by another contractor instead. Aside from that, Sodexo officials have not provided comment. Whether or not she was legitimately “fired” is speculation. Pipe Dream will continue to investigate the matter.

Daniel Grafman, a junior double-majoring in cinema and art and design, added, “There is a hole left, not only in my stomach, but also in my heart.”