Proto Provided by Philip Lim

As fall approaches, sweaters begin to come out and sandals lose their appeal. Putting on a pair of shorts is easy, and after matching it with a nice polo or t-shirt, you’ve effortlessly created your summer look. Fall looks can be a little trickier though, as there is more room — and more layers — to customize. Release has prepared the top trends in men’s fashion for fall, so your outfit will never get the cold shoulder.

First on the list is denim outerwear. We all remember (although we’d like to forget) a young Justin Timberlake at the VMAs wearing a baggy — yet horribly iconic — jean suit, as well as Riff Raff’s tragic remake alongside Katy Perry at the 2014 VMAs. Despite all that madness, jean jackets and vests have slowly but surely been making a comeback. Rihanna and Kanye West proved that earlier this year with their denim-clad “FourFiveSeconds” cover art. London designer James Long focused his 2015-2016 fall/winter line around the idea of a deconstructed denim jacket. Celebrities like David Beckham and The Weeknd have embraced this look as well.

H&M and Forever 21 are the go-to retailers for all your denim desires. Hooded denim jackets and parkas can be found throughout these stores. Instead of splurging for a James Long original, you can go to invest in a hooded denim jacket for just $49.99 at H&M. Similarly, Forever 21 offers denim parkas and hoodless jackets ranging from $24.90 to $39.90.

For those who want to take it a step further, find a denim coat with a shearling collar for some runway-inspired flair. Shearling coats are big this season, so it’s an easy way to combine trends without looking overdone. It’s warm, stylish and has been showing up in the collections of Fendi, Burberry and Dior. This fabric can be expensive, but you can look for faux shearling for a cheaper find.

If you’re looking for some more texture, try incorporating velvet into your wardrobe. In dark shades — like fall favorites burgundy or brown — velvet can be the perfect touch to amp up a basic look. Velvet is subtle enough that you can pair it with patterns, but it also adds some edge. The velvet trend is reminiscent of the ’70s, so take a look in your local thrift store to find a rare look for less.

Although runway styles are important and dictate the trends of the seasons, street style always offers its own take on the season’s best trends. Classic street looks incorporate sneakers and casual suede shoes, both of which would pair well with the aforementioned denim fad.

Accessories in the fall are important as well. Scarves haven’t gone out of trend, and are one of the fall’s most coveted looks. Plaid can look outdated, so go for something different, like a pattern or a bright color. Pick one up at H&M for $12.99. Additionally, try a wool scarf in the winter, using fashion to combat the Binghamton cold.

Now, to complete your look, you’ll need the perfect fall hairstyle. Embrace your shagginess, or put some product in and comb it up and to the side for some James Dean realness. Alternatively, undercuts, which are long on top and short on the sides, are on-trend.

Leaving summer behind can be hard. But, with the right look, you can usher fall in with style.