Photo Provided by Marc Jacobs

Sifting through magazines in search of fashion advice can be both exhausting and infuriating. How am I supposed to afford this $500 leather jacket? Why is there a five-page spread on sequined beetle brooches that I could find in my grandma’s closet? Isn’t 70 percent of this magazine just ads? We don’t have the answers to those questions, but Release did do some research on the lengthy novel that is the September issue of Vogue. We annotated this fashion magazine better than we did most of our Brit lit readings. For those who don’t have time to search through Anna Wintour’s thousand-page odyssey, we have the top trends for this fall season.

First of all, Beyonce graces the September cover in a dusty rose-colored dress with a floral-lace pattern and a sequined, plum-colored shawl thrown over her shoulder. This is not exactly appropriate for the Lecture Hall setting, but there are ways to channel your inner Bey without wearing a gown to class. The muted pink color she’s rocking can be found pretty much anywhere. A chunky sweater, button-down shirt or pleated skirt in this neutral shade will match nearly anything you already have in your closet. As for the sequins, something shiny on a pair of flats or a small purse can spice up an everyday school outfit.

The models throughout the pages of Vogue don some old lady-chic looks. High collars, lace and floral patterns are everywhere. Regardless of the current trends, a crisp white button-down shirt with lace detailing will always be classic. If you want something more colorful, try layering a floral button down under a sweater; it’ll give you some extra warmth, and with just the collar and sleeves peeking out, you won’t look like wallpaper.

For specific textiles, tweed is making a big appearance. This wool fabric can be both functional and fashionable. A tweed skirt with a plaid pattern pairs well with tights and a sweater, meaning you can embrace the iconic ’90s look of Cher Horowitz from “Clueless.” A tweed jacket can add new texture to your wardrobe, and in a neutral color, it’s easy to incorporate into your closet.

In the realm of accessories, retro scarves tied around the neck are trending. Borrowed from the style of Fred from “Scooby-Doo,” a vintage ascot in a fun pattern can dress up a plain sweater and add a ’50s touch. Although they might not be as functional as a knit scarf, it’s enough coverage for the fall weather ahead. These would pair well with the long coats that are in style, which will be functional and cute for both the fall and winter. Try a lightweight trench coat for warmer days in the fall or a heavier wool coat for when Binghamton enters its annual ice age.

The models at Marc Jacobs’ fall show wore dark red lips on the runway. As colder weather approaches, you won’t have to worry about your makeup melting off while walking down the Spine, so it’s a great time to try something new. ColourPop’s “Lippie Stix” are amazing quality and amazingly cheap — you can find each lipstick and its matching lip liner on their website for $5 each. Try a deep plum or dark red if you’re feeling daring. When paired with minimal eye makeup, a bold lip isn’t so overwhelming. If you’re not into dark makeup, try a rich color on your nails instead for a subtler look.

Although seasonal trends can seem arbitrary or just plain impossible to incorporate into your own wardrobe, sometimes it’s fun to try one or two that appeal to you. Without filling your entire closet with trend pieces, buying a few new fall items can keep your style dynamic without changing it completely.