To the people “looking for bae tonight” on the dance floor of Tom & Marty’s, I have one small piece of advice: don’t. Just because you have found someone who likes to hook up with you, doesn’t mean that they want more. More importantly, just because you found someone who you like to hook up with doesn’t mean that you want more.

The consistent hookup is one of the hardest relationships to navigate in the entire college dating scheme. Are you together, or not? My answer to this most profound question is not, and you shouldn’t expect to be. When you meet people in the bar or even go home with them, you’re only meeting their sexual side. There’s nothing wrong with a sexual side; it’s fun, but alas it is not the whole picture. Just because you’ve had sex with someone doesn’t mean you know them.

When you meet the right person, you’ll know it, and it won’t just be because they give great head. The world of relationships consists of much more than great sex, and while turning a sexual relationship into a full-fledged blossoming romance isn’t impossible, it shouldn’t be something that people expect in every good hookup.

Instead of falling in love with everyone you hook up with, just have some fun together and see where the night takes you.