1. Smartphone

Whether it’s the iPhone or a Droid, having a smartphone is a must. Academically you can receive all those pesky emails at your fingertips, and when you’re bored in class you can stalk people on Facebook. It’s a win-win.

2. Laptop

Yeah the PODS have computers, but who wants to walk around for 15 minutes looking for one? Plus, you can bring it to most classes and take your notes on it instead of wasting paper.

3. iPod

Any generation of an iPod will work, as long as it’s loaded with your favorite songs. You can use it when you’re attempting to ignore your roommate or when you get bored walking to class.

4. Headphones

This goes along with the iPod, but it can be quite a bummer if you forget them in your room. Also, for those times when it’s too noisy, it may be a good idea to get a higher quality, sound-reducing pair.

5. Camera

You can even use the one on your phone, provided it has one. Just make sure you have a camera so you can capture all the fun times you have while you’re still in college.

6. Flash drive

For those times when your computer is broken and you have to use one in the Glenn G. Bartle Library, it’s a good idea to have your paper saved somewhere else, just in case your hard drive dies two hours before you have to turn it in.

7. Electronic book reader

Carry your e-reader instead of four or five textbooks. It’s a lot lighter and it’s easier, and one touch brings up the exact page you stopped at of any book of your choosing. Plus, it’s a great way to pass the time.