If anyone wants to lose their faith in the United States government, watch “House of Cards.” In its third season, Frank Underwood is more powerful than ever, and yes, you should be scared.

For those just learning about Frank’s political administration, you’re behind. It’s been around for a while — two seasons, to be exact, and a lot of people are talking about it. For anyone who doesn’t watch it already, I highly recommend it. Sure, each episode is an hour long, but there are only 13 per season, and certain points will make your jaw drop to the floor, so it really has that going for it. It’s exciting and shocking and produced by David Fincher, so you can’t really go wrong.

Netflix shows are released through floodgates — one season at a time. The devoted can watch for 13 straight hours, while the casual viewer can take his or her time. I’m going to label myself as somewhere in the middle. Season three premiered on Feb. 27, and I’m on episode six. Frank will always be evil, but I have homework. If you haven’t started watching season three and plan to, don’t read on. If you finished the season, don’t tell me anything.

Season two was insane, as was season one. What I find to be so cool about the show is how Frank seamlessly morphed from a deceptive politician into an actual evil murderer. He’s absolutely ruthless, so it makes sense that he’s now the president of the U.S. Rachel beat Doug Stamper with a brick in the middle of the woods, and Lucas is in huge trouble for attempting to hack into AT&T’s database.

I’d like to first point out the nice shocker with which they began season three. Doug is not dead, regardless of the impression the show gave in season two. Surprise, surprise. He’s in the hospital, recovering from a hell of an injury. He gets better, more or less, but Frank is not letting him back to work just yet. Doug is not happy about this. Heather Dunbar, the solicitor general who aided in impeaching President Walker, has now announced candidacy for 2016. Frank on the other hand has announced that he is not running, but if you believe a word that Frank says, you haven’t been paying close enough attention. Doug wants to work for Dunbar? I’m still currently unsure if he’s trying to be a double agent or not. His dedication to Frank has always been unwavering, regardless of the murderous things in which Frank engages. He did, however, offer up some pretty harmful evidence against Claire, which Dunbar refused. Speaking of Claire, she had her eyes set on the position of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. The Russian president is butting heads with Frank, and there are a slew of international conflicts with which to deal.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about season three is that Frank may be showing some sliver of feeling. I’m personally still unsure and a bit confused. The trailer showed Claire’s concern over their past actions, so maybe some introspection is to follow. Still, I have to hand it to them; their marriage is somewhat admirable, despite their cheating past. They really have each others’ back. Still, I’d like to imagine that the show ends with Claire murdering Frank and becoming the president, meaning that every move she made was carefully calculated under her short blonde hair. But who knows. Perhaps good will trump evil in Washington?

All in all, episode one was slow and focused way too much on Doug, and I currently have plenty of questions. Also, six episodes in and I’ve heard nothing about Lucas. Actually, I take back my original statement. I want Lucas to dramatically take down Frank and get an awesome promotion and compensation for his jail time. But still, I will keep watching; I love that show. I love it more than sharks love blood.