Sure, Valentine’s Day is a cliched consumer holiday, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still fun. Whether you want to make the day special with someone special, or you’re planning an ambitious first encounter, Binghamton offers plenty to do.

Winter wonderland — Go to the Nature Preserve. It’s a little chilly, but the Preserve’s snowy landscape is picturesque. A stroll on the bridge, the frozen lake or the top of the mountain (if you’re feeling daring) are all nice, peaceful escapes from campus. Pack a basket of goodies with an array of cheeses, chocolates and a thermos of hot chocolate for a winter picnic. The heat of the moment will keep you warm.

Skate date — Ice skating on the Nature Preserve’s pond is probably unsafe, but you can still go roller skating. With the right music, the rink can be an ’80s dance party that’ll put you in an upbeat mood for the night. Skate Estate is located in Vestal and is a short ride away. Live out your “Dirty Dancing” fantasies at the skating rink.

Out of the (chocolate) box — Try one of Binghamton’s many restaurants Downtown. Release is a fan of Uncorked Creations, which combines art, wine and music. Cyber Cafe West has vegan and vegetarian food options and often live music for the atmosphere. The Galaxy Brewing Company and Water Street Brewing Company are homes to many local and unique beers. These establishments offer a nice contrast to the boring old on-campus dining experience.

Go to a local museum — There are several art destinations that are local and can be nice for an afternoon activity. Check out the Bundy Museum, a home that’s been transformed into a beautiful art gallery with low admission prices for students, and the Phelps Mansion Museum located on Court Street. Trick your date into thinking you are cultured.

Date party — For anyone interested in hanging out in a group, a couples party might be what you’re looking for (even if your single friends might feel left out). A great idea for anyone nervous about asking someone out, you and your new love interest can have a social time with mutual friends, or you can introduce them to your friend group.

Bar hopping — The weekly activity of hanging out at bars with your friends can be substituted for a one-on-one night with your date. You might run into your friends, but you will be making memories — maybe forgotten the next day — with your date. Sometimes the best way to have fun is just running around Downtown Binghamton.