With finals just around the corner, everyone can use a little bit of luck. Some people rely on old pre-test rituals they have been doing since the fourth grade, while others just cross their fingers and hope for the best. Then there are others who have crazy methods and believe in bizarre superstitions. After a thorough search on the Internet and conversations with several grandmothers, there are some general good luck charms and superstitions that many people abide by during finals week. Here’s some inspiration for you:

Lucky leopard shoes:

The oldest trick in the book is to wear your favorite article of clothing that you think may bring you luck. This good luck charm can come in the form of a lucky pair of pants, a battered old hat or even some “lucky” underwear.

Christine Tuohy, a sophomore in the Decker School of Nursing, swears by a good luck charm, which helps her on every test.

“My grandma bought me these funky green earrings that any normal person would put away, but I wore them once to my biology exam and ended up getting a really high grade,” Tuohy said.

Whether it’s lucky earrings or shoes, wearing the right thing on exam day may make a difference.

Hairy situation:

Some people follow the ritual of not washing their hair the night before the test. This stems from a Russian idea that washing your hair after a long night of studying can wash away all the knowledge you’ve stored.

Now this may seem unhygienic and bizarre to some people, but Jesse Hoffman, a sophomore majoring in economics, swears by this ritual before every major exam.

“I definitely think that washing my hair the night before a test ruins my chances of getting a good grade,” Hoffman said. “It’s weird, but I feel like I can retain more information if I don’t.”

Don’t worry though, you can always shower after your exam.

Sweet dreams:

When it’s time for you to finally stop studying and go to sleep, there is one more little superstition some people abide by: sleeping with your textbook under your pillow. Although this seems like the worst sleep you can have before a big test, some people believe it helps you retain the information you’ve studied all night while sleeping.

That’s not to say you have to have an entire textbook under your head. Some people just choose a few notes they need to be memorized.

While these are all interesting and possibly helpful rituals that some people follow religiously during finals week, don’t forget your general, everyday superstitions, because they still apply during this period. For example, don’t open an umbrella inside the house, don’t walk under a ladder and avoid black cats. With that said, good luck with finals!