Finals week should never be an excuse to dress poorly. Even though you had a sleepless night of studying and last-minute paper writing, you should not go to your final in pajamas; going straight to Lecture Hall in what you wore last night at the Glenn G. Bartle Library would look much better.

When you’re taking a test, you want to feel fresh, and part of feeling fresh is looking fresh. Here are the alternatives to sweatpants and flannels for test-taking purposes.


Since you will be sitting most of the time, your legs should feel comfortable. Trade your baggy sweatpants for jeggings, leggings or stretchy jeans. They all give the effect of confidence, without constriction. To accent your legs, pair any of those bottoms with oversized cardigans or zip-up hoodies.

Another option is a loose dress with bright-colored or patterned tights. Femininity is always a good choice. But make sure the dress is not too short because you won’t enjoy sitting in it.

And on your feet: boots, boots, boots. Boots can dress up any outfit, although UGGs are questionable.

Accessorize with earrings: They’re the only piece of jewelry that won’t distract you, and sometimes just wearing nice undergarments can give your face a happy glow.


It would be unrealistic to convince guys to stay away from sweatpants since the majority of them here wear them on a regular basis. However, boxers should not be visible — EVER.

When asked what they would wear during finals week, Binghamton University students gave a variety of responses.

People say you should not do things out of the ordinary on test days, so sweatpants-wearers will keep on strutting that unflattering extra material. For the rest of you, however, don’t slip up.