Miriam Geiger/Editorial Artist

When Andy Williams first sang “It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” we’re pretty sure he was mainly referring to SantaCon. The Winter Bar Crawl, a festive drink-a-thon — whatever you call it — is here, and the city is ready. JT’s, Tom & Marty’s and Venue are just a few of the Downtown establishments getting ready to serve daytime seasonal hot drinks as well as the classic favorites. Sure, you’ve been excited for weeks, but do you know what you’ll be wearing? Perhaps one of the most crucial elements of SantaCon is the festive attire. This year, don’t go in a bland red cardigan with a green necklace and a santa hat. Go crazy and try something new with Release’s Santa-themed costumes.

Lumberjack Santa — Channel your inner lumbersexual with this easy and festive look. A pair of jeans, a red plaid shirt and a pair of suspenders will give you the woodsy vibe, especially if you already have a beard. If you don’t have a beard, or if the thought of how you can’t grow one makes you sad, then forget that part. Throw on a Santa hat to bring in the Christmas cheer. Protip: Do NOT bring an axe Downtown.

80s Santa — Wake me up before you ho-ho, am I right, people? This costume can be done with a red crop top and green leggings, or vice versa. If you are still confused, go look up an Olivia Newton-John video and do that with Christmas tree colors.

Punk Santa — You might be too angry for society, but you’re never too angry for Christmas. Show your angsty side by turning Green Day into Green and Red Day. Wear dark eyeliner and buy some fun jingle bells to offset the fear factor. Put on a Santa hat, but write a Blink-182 lyric across the top.

Elvis Santa — People won’t be able to help falling in love with you this holiday season, especially when your outfit is a crossover between Santa Claus and this 1960s crooner. Borrow a white pleather jacket and then go crazy with the hair gel. If it’s dripping into your spiked hot chocolate, you’re doing something right. Don’t forget the Santa hat, or reindeer ears, if you prefer.

Hanukkah Harry — Woah there, I know what you’re thinking: “Are they crazy?” Maybe we are, but if you wanna be the talk of the town, then consider taking an alternative look this holiday season. Go for the Hanukkah theme! Wear some blue and white, and glue four Hebrew dreidel letters to your stomach, back and sides. That way, when you are spinning from being drunk, you can just say you’re a dreidel.