Tycho McManus/Assistant Photo Editor

When you just need to quickly buy Advil, chapstick or a small notebook, the bookstore is your best friend. It’s fast, right near Marketplace and, except for the first two weeks of the semester, the lines are pretty short. But beyond blue books and the candy aisle, there lies a treasure trove of Binghamton paraphernalia: hats, gloves, shot glasses, those stickers your parents have always wanted for their cars. It’s all there and at our disposal. Wearing school regalia says “Hey there, I’m a Bearcat and I’m proud!” or “Even though we don’t have a football team, I’d like to pretend that we do!” And among all the pinnies and the T-shirts, there are a few pieces that are the crème de la crème. No, these aren’t the cheapest items in the store, but they are definitely the ones you should save up for.

1) Gear Field Jacket – If I could only wear one item for the rest of my life, this would probably not be it. However, if I could only wear one bookstore item for the rest of my life, I would choose this majestic windbreaker without a doubt. A regal Pantone 342, this jacket doubles as the perfect fall outerwear and comfy sweatshirt. Yes, it’s lined with the 65 percent cotton material. Walk around outside while sporting our colors, and you’ll feel like a million bucks, if a million bucks was wearing a great coat.

2) LogoFit Rugby Knit Scarf – Ten points for Gryffindor, because this Harry Potter-style scarf wins at everything. Wide multi-colored stripes can turn any day magical. While the black and green motif is very reminiscent of Slytherin, I’m still interested. Give it here, Malfoy, because this scarf is one of my favorite items the store offers. Its soft, thick material is bound to keep you warm and ward off that one friend who consistently tells you to dress warmer.

3) Under Armour Half Zip – Run free without worry in this lightweight long sleeve. Perfect for an outdoor winter job, this half zip is stylish and warm without being clunky and awkward. The Heatgear technology will keep you warm on your run in the harsh Binghamton weather. In addition, it’s not so loose to be baggy, but not so tight to be choking you.

4) Women’s Mighty Light Vest – If you don’t mind slightly chilly arms (or have the aforementioned half zip on) then this vest is the only item you need this winter. Sleek and black, it’s classy, while still managing to represent the noble Bearcat in the upper right breast. What’s so great about this vest is that it’s useful all throughout the fall and winter. Wear it on a run, wear it in a cold air-conditioned room. Wear it during the summer because you just can’t let go. Wherever you wear it, you will look fly as hell.

5) Forty Seven Brand Mohican Earflap Sherpa Knit Hat – For the risk taker, the adventurer, for the person who says carpe diem every day and means it, we have the hat for you. With a mohawk of strings that says, “I probably longboard around campus,” you’ll be the talk of the Spine this winter. Two tassels fall down the sides, and if that doesn’t say swag, I don’t know what does.