It’s that time of the year again. The time when the leaves are falling, the air is crisp and each house has a little orange pumpkin sitting on its front porch. Other than the time to embrace the signs of autumn, it is also a time of something else — the season for Halloween costumes. And while it doesn’t apply to everyone, it’s common for college girls to pick out the most revealing, most eye-catching, most extraordinarily provocative costumes.

To be a slut is to be a slovenly or promiscuous woman. It’s not a term anyone wants to be labeled with, but it is a popular term that is thrown around casually and often. If a girl wears tight, skin-revealing clothes, she is likely to be considered “slutty.” That is, until she covers herself up. So why do girls continue to dress so Playboy-esque during the Halloween season? After all, by doing so, they are making themselves a walking target.

According to Kathryn Stamoulis, a psychologist based in Manhattan who lectures on sex education across the country, the use of a word such as “slut” polarizes girls into two categories, good girls and bad girls.

In her Psychology Today blog, titled “The New Teen Age,” Stamoulis comments that “good girls” aren’t too sexually active outside of a committed relationship, while “bad girls” express themselves sexually more often.

So perhaps Halloween is the one holiday that allows this category of so called “good girls” to dress up as someone they’re not. Using the holiday as a way to show some skin provides “good girls” with a comfort zone to be more sexually open for a night, and their new openness makes this holiday pretty interesting.

“Everyone is entitled to wear what they please on the night of costumes, but I do believe some girls use Halloween as an excuse to be a little more revealing when it comes to dressing up,” said Naquan Ross, a sophomore majoring in psychology. “But, I am not complaining.”

We do live in a pretty sexually charged society, and that is even more evident in college. It seems as if many girls want to be more provocative without being labeled a “slut,” and Halloween is the one night to make this a reality. It’s a natural feeling to want attention — and in a teeny tiny costume, it’s quite easy to be noticed by the guys of Binghamton University. But what do they think about skimpily clad girls running amok Downtown?

“I like a girl who dresses sexily on Halloween, but I don’t like when I get a view of absolutely everything,” said Kyle Ross, an undeclared freshman.

However, Chris Paquette, a senior majoring in bioengineering, feels it’s up to the discretion of the girl.

“To each their own,” he said. “I appreciate those girls that let loose that night but still show love to the girls that keep it real. There are those girls which take the opportunity [to dress provocatively] and girls who shoot for more clever outfits.”

And yet there are still a majority of guys out there, like Brian Calder, who enjoy some of the more skin-bearing Halloween costumes.

“Next to the free candy and replays of ‘Halloweentown 1′ and ‘2′ on the Disney channel, the slutty outfits are the greatest thing about Halloween,” said Calder, a junior majoring in accounting.

It’s safe to say Halloween is not about the scare anymore. It has definitely taken a turn toward the sexy. You’re probably not going to see a college girl wearing a gorilla suit or a creepy ex-bride costume, Lindsay-Lohan-in-Mean-Girls style. Although the childhood traditions of Halloween are fading more and more each year as we get older, the holiday still makes for a great time to party with friends and have fun, regardless of if you want to bare all. So ladies, if you do decide to put it all out there, just remember to remove the inappropriate Facebook tags when you’re done partying.