Victoria Kramer/Contributing Photographer

Have you ever wanted to take music lessons from a professional, but never really had the time? Being introduced to the world of music is often a big commitment because it takes passion and devotion to perfect musical skills. However, a new innovation has been introduced into the performance realm that makes learning to become a better musician easier, especially if you’re a full-time student. A recently launched website called the Virtual Music School allows aspiring and current musicians to take instrument lessons on the Internet via Skype, a free and downloadable video-chatting service.

Created by one-time Envy On The Coast band member and current singer/songwriter Salvatore Bossio, the Virtual Music School is an incredible way to learn music in the comfort of your own home, office, dorm room or any other private space you choose. One of Bossio’s main goals was to make his music students feel as relaxed as possible in order to guarantee successful, quality lessons. Being in a zone where you’re already comfortable is important because it eliminates the environmental pressure and anxiety associated with going to a new and unfamiliar place to learn.

It’s hard to believe that an online music school could be so effective, but as the Internet continues to grow and expand, it is definitely possible to gain all kinds of beneficial knowledge. Using video technology as a way to communicate with musicians and to teach them is not only becoming more common, but it’s actually quite valuable. On his website, Salvatore Bossio insists that “most people utilize [video-chatting] to speak with long-distance family and friends, so why not use it to educate?”

The Virtual Music School is also an opportunity for students who lack music programs in their middle or high schools. As the economy took a turn for the worse, the government cuts funds off to schools all over the United States, leaving many schools with no choice but to deprive their students of a robust education in the arts. As it is Internet-based, the Virtual Music School is not disappearing anytime soon.

Overall the school guarantees a fun and productive experience for everyone, no matter who you are.

“Learn to sing or play the instrument you’ve always dreamed of. We promise you quality, motivated and passionate instructors that are specifically selected for your explicit needs,” Bossio promises on his website. But of course, if you are under 18 years of age, consent is required from your parents to participate.

This remarkable music innovation is a great way to unleash your talent and to reach your greatest potential. Best of all, while many private professional music lessons cost hundreds of dollars per session, the Virtual Music School offers great, affordable prices. For more information, visit or visit the Virtual Music School’s Facebook page at