Provided by Claire Marshall

Fashion thrives in the fall: Layers, leather boots and dark colors all finally make appearances after a summer of cutoffs, sandals and neons. For those looking to revamp your wardrobe or style for the coming season, you can consult any of the dozens of beauty and fashion bloggers on YouTube 24/7. Many popular vloggers are around college age as well, so they’re familiar with our limited budgets. Here’s a roundup of some popular YouTubers with impeccable taste and helpful tips that any girl can incorporate into her fall wardrobe.

1. Jenn Im (clothesencounters)

Jenn Im, a University of California, Davis graduate and resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, has a fashion-centered YouTube channel with videos ranging from seasonal “lookbooks” to advice on styling bold pieces. If you can’t figure out how to pull off your new leather jacket, for instance, Im has options styled to fit a variety of tastes. In her series of videos called “What Would Jenn Wear?” she takes fashion questions from viewers and styles looks according to their needs. Her grungy style and penchant for towering heels (she’s 5’1”) may not appeal to every girl, but Im urges her viewers to pick and choose pieces they like to compose a unique look.

2. Estée (essiebutton)

Estée’s videos are mostly beauty-focused, so if you’re new to the makeup world, she will be your new best friend. Her “brand focus” videos give an in-depth look at specific cosmetics companies to help viewers find new products they’ll love. Whether you’re vegan, have sensitive skin or are on a tight budget, browsing through Estée’s channel will give you a heads-up on what brands are worth a try. Besides reviews, Estée does makeup tutorials that are easy to follow and enjoyable to watch, thanks to her goofy personality.

3. Claire Marshall (heyclaire)

Claire Marshall films and edits both fashion and beauty videos on her channel. Marshall sets herself apart from the many beauty bloggers on YouTube with her creative editing — her style videos look like music videos, yet they’re still informative and let viewers know where to pick up key items from her looks. Marshall’s style is effortless, edgy and easy to mimic with pieces from your own closet. If you’re in the market for new fall staples, she has an entire video dedicated to her black boot collection.

4. Rachel Whitehurst (87daysbefore)

Rachel Whitehurst’s videos are not only great for her makeup and style tips, but also for her bold personality. If you’re offended by swear words, her videos are probably not for you. Whitehurst is always honest about her feelings on a product or brand and she doesn’t take the “beauty world” too seriously. Whether you’re having problems styling your short hair or don’t know what to do with your new Urban Decay Naked palette, Whitehurst undoubtedly has a video to help you, and you’ll laugh out loud while watching.

A quick visit to these ladies’ YouTube channels and blog pages can be a lifesaver in a fashion emergency, or if you just need to procrastinate from studying. So go forth, find that perfect first-day-of-fall outfit and create a flawless winged eyeliner look — these beauty bloggers believe in you.