Name: Crepe Heaven

Food type: Savory Crepes, Dessert Crepes, Soups, Cakes

Price point: Low

Restaurant Week: Lunch only

As I opened the restaurant doors, deep in conversation, I was silenced by the mouth-watering smell of none other than Crepe Heaven. My friends and I rushed inside, eyes wide and eager to try these crepes we had heard so much about.

We were warmly greeted and immediately shown to our seat, a table nicely set for four with flowers in the middle. We perused the special Restaurant Week menu and narrowed down our choices.

The three-course meal included soup or salad, one savory or dessert crepe and a piece of cake for dessert. Although the menu featured an array of 10 crepes or so — including fresh fruit and nutella, honey, nuts, chicken, mozzarella, spinach and ricotta — the second I saw the “philly cheese” crepe, I knew that was the one I wanted.

Perfectly folded and served with a side of sour cream, the crepe was even better than I imagined. It was filled with shredded steak, sautéed onions and green peppers and, of course, cheddar cheese. While eating, we couldn’t help but rave about how amazing each of our meals were and how we would definitely be returning in the future.

When the dessert was brought out, I’ll admit that I was a little disappointed that we had a choice of three cakes rather than crepes. The first was a chocolate cake with apricot jam spread along the center, the second a vanilla pudding cake with strawberry jam and sprinkles and the third a caramel cake, which was only described to us as “soaked in caramel.” I found the choice of a caramel cake to be the most unusual, so I chose that one while my friends chose the other two.

After sampling each of the cakes, I was speechless. All disappointment over not ordering a dessert crepe vanished as I savored every bite. The chocolate cake was perfectly rich, the vanilla pudding cake one of the most exciting combinations I had seen and the caramel cake was one of the best I’d ever eaten.

The discussion about our delicious lunch continued all the way home, as one of my friends even made it her Facebook status. We decided that another trip to Crepe Heaven at the end of the semester would be absolutely necessary.