The year is over, your friends are graduating and you don’t know what you’re going to do without them. To make sure they remember you “in the real world,” give your graduating friends the perfect going-away gift. Wipe away the tears that accompany being deserted by your cooler upperclassmen friends, and give them the send-off they deserve.

Handwritten card

This may seem like a cop-out — it’s cheap — but pouring your heart out can be difficult and it’s always appreciated. This is an especially great option if you’re a no-frills/non-dramatic person, since this is a chance to be honest and cheesy with your friend. Type out a letter on the computer and edit it to be clear and concise before copying it down by hand. Your friend will be super impressed to see how articulate and erudite you are!

Photo album

Making a photo album is almost as fun a process as it is to see your friend receive it. Sift through Facebook photos of you and your friend and upload them to CVS or Walgreens and order prints before picking them up in person. T.J.Maxx has cute and inexpensive options for photo albums and you can slip personal messages and fun doodles between photos to flesh out the album. It shouldn’t cost more than $10 and a few hours of your time.

Hand-drawn comic

Look up a tutorial or outsource the labor to a studio art major and create a personalized comic. You should at least write the story line yourself so it will feature an escapade that you and your friend have experienced together. Making a comic is a good opportunity to insert private jokes and bring up some hilarious memories. Plus, everyone looks funnier drawn as a comic, even if all you can do is stick figures.

Pipe Dreams fashioned into a jaunty hat

What better way to remind a friend of their time at BU than by giving them a hat of old newspapers to wear? This costs zero dollars and very little effort to fold a paper along the center vertical crease, fold one top corner down into the center of the paper and fold the other top corner down so that the shorter side matches up with the other fold. Finally, fold up the bottom of the page on each side. Make one for yourself and wear them around campus together as you enjoy another private joke that literally no one else finds funny. Another option: hand-drawn concert tickets to Matt and Kim.

Gift basket of Wegmans products

Put together one of those ridiculously giant Wegmans baskets that you always see when you’re walking out of the store after checkout. Swap the fruit and flowers for Wegmans-brand products, because they will be missed. Include a note saying that you consider yourself automatically invited to future gatherings where the food will eventually be served.

Business cards

This gift takes some forethought since you may have to bug other people for your friend’s personal information. The fun part is coming up with a cool design — pick something that fits them. If your friend doesn’t have a job in sight, you can always make networking cards, which have the same contact information as a business card but list specific skills.