For ages, men have chased women in a game known as “seduction.” Not every guy can claim to be the expert on girls; all he can count on is a great knowledge of human psychology. But with the variety of Binghamton girls out there, here are a few tips and techniques you can use to pick up the girl of your dreams, or at least the girl for the night.  

The one-night stand

“The way guys pick up girls depends on what they are really looking for,” said Steve Sowerby, an exchange student majoring in economics. “If it is just for sex it is more easy and the guy can afford to be straightforward.”

After a simple tour in a Downtown bar, it takes one quick look around for any guy to find a girl “under-dressed,” pretending to dance while she is scrubbing the wall. So in need of testosterone, she will probably come to the guy before he makes a single move. In a few words, the one-night stand is like eating a meal at McDonald’s — it’s cheap, fast and quickly forgettable. Don’t even bother trying to remember her name.

The girl next door

When it comes to the girl next door, it requires a little bit more diplomacy. She is the one who knows all about the guy next door — what he puts in his trash bag, how often he invites people to his place and what kind of lifestyle he has. Being handy and having a large sense of humor is the key, and definitely, when she is having a bad day, your jokes will be the only thing that makes her smile. The moment when she is vulnerable is the perfect time to invite her; besides, it only takes a few steps for her to come in.

The bookworm

“No matter if it is serious or not, seduction is all about manipulation,” said Andrew Kavney, a freshman majoring in bioengineering. “You pretend to be someone until the other one loves you.”

There are two types of nerdy girls. There’s the intellectual, who is already one step ahead of most guys and understands how the game is played. But then there’s the more homebody kind who is probably self-conscious and sits at home fantasizing about being the Bella to some Edward in an unrealistic “Twilight” fantasy.

Either way, both kinds require a different kind of effort to get them interested. Acting mysterious and hot-and-cold can definitely have this kind of effect. Even more, sending the occasional text message at random intervals can keep her on her toes. When the texts stop, she’ll be left wanting more and you’ll be left with the power.

The knock-out

For the pretty party girl, all the previous rules do not apply. She is beautiful and both she and you know it. The only way to catch her is to be different — forget about the roses, the cards and the romantic emails. Only one technique works: diversion.

If you compliment her, she will know right away that you have something in mind. But if you ignore her, she will find herself intrigued because she is not normally used to it. Instead of focusing your attention on her, talk to her friends or other girls in the bar, because nothing kills more than indifference, and jealousy will drive her crazy.