Guys and girls are different in many ways. Sometimes we love the opposite sex and sometimes we just can’t stand them. We asked the guys of Binghamton University what they like most about girls, and what they can’t stand.


1. Honest

2. A good sense of humor

3. Kind

4. Intelligent

5. Confident

6. Outgoing

7. Good listener

“What I like in a girl is that they are genuinely kind, honest, smart and funny.” — Lawrence Camacho, a sophomore majoring in biology

“I find myself looking for girls who are confident with themselves, emotionally, physically and mentally.” — Peter Rodriguez, a sophomore majoring in linguistics

“I like girls who spend the time and effort to look their best every single day. That’s attractive not only from a physical standpoint, but a mental one as well because of how admirable that is.” — Kasun Navarathna, a sophomore majoring in biology.


1. Fake

2. Not trustworthy

3. Materialistic

4. Too dramatic

5. Stupid/dumb

6. Excessive moodiness

7. Too clingy

“I don’t like when they’re untrustworthy or fake.” — Lawrence Camacho, a sophomore majoring in biology

“I really don’t like when girls are stupid, materialistic and overly dramatic. Also, moody and clingy girls are frustrating.” — Anthony Lee, a sophomore majoring in accounting