Sometimes the male race can be impossible to read and understand, so we’ve decided to interview guys from each Binghamton University class and ask each of them a simple question: “What do you love about a girl?” Although they preferred to keep their names on the down-low, what they had to say was pretty impressive and surprisingly helpful.

1. “I love knowing how loyal she is and knowing that she’s committed, and not into anyone else. I need reassurance that she’s really into me.” — undeclared freshman

2. “I love when I’m dating a girl who teases me and plays hard to get. When I get teased, it keeps me on my feet.” — freshman in Watson School of Engineering

3. “I love girls that are straightforward enough that they can tell you exactly how they feel about you. I don’t like when girls play games.” — sophomore in Watson School of Engineering

4. “I love a girl who’s really fun and adventurous because I like having a good time.” — sophomore majoring in philosophy, politics and law

5. “If a girl likes me, I’d love her to talk to her friends about me. That would make any guy feel really good.” — sophomore majoring in management

6. “I love girls who listen to me and respect what I have to say. A girl who listens to me would let me know that she cares about me.” — junior majoring in economics

7. “I love a girl who can appreciate the gestures that I do for her. If I do something for a girl, I don’t want it to go unnoticed.” — junior majoring in anthropology

8. “I love a girl who wants to be affectionate with me and who is true to who she is when we go out in public.” — senior majoring in economics

9. “I love girls who are honest, but mindful of what they say. I hate those girls who say whatever they want, even if it’s super bitchy.” — senior majoring in economics

10. “I love a girl who doesn’t need to show her body off to feel attractive. Dressing slutty isn’t cool.” — senior majoring in English

11. “I love a girl who respects herself. The most important thing is that she cares about herself, and that she’s confident about who she is.” — senior majoring in integrative neuroscience