Guys do crazy things for love. In relationships, they’re often forced to do things out of the ordinary in order to make their significant others happy. Here’s a compilation of cute stories from Binghamton University about the silly things these guys do to amuse their girlfriends.

“My girlfriend always makes me do emasculating things like dry-shampoo her weave. But what I really hate is when she makes me rub her butt when she sits down for a long time on a hard surface and it starts hurting.” — Uriah Hunt, a sophomore in the Decker School of Nursing

“One time my girlfriend asked me to take her to an interview. While en route, my car ran out of gas on the highway so I had to walk to the next exit and get a gallon of gas.” — anonymous sophomore in the Watson School of Engineering

“My girlfriend makes me keep her Pillow Pet on my bed because it makes it look super girly. She finds it amusing.” — Bethel Asante, a sophomore majoring in political science

“My girlfriend loves brownies from Whole Foods Supermarket. I went home over the weekend and she told me not to come back to Binghamton without brownies for her. So I walked from Fifth Avenue in Manhattan to Fourteenth Street in the rain to get them for her.” — Jibri Easter, a sophomore majoring in cinema

“I went to the clinic with my girlfriend. They had to ask us questions about our sex life and she made me answer all of them, including the ones pertaining to how often we have sex and when her period cycle happens. I was extremely uncomfortable, but both the nurse and my girlfriend found it very amusing. It felt like I was playing sex jeopardy.” — anonymous, undeclared sophomore