Beers are for every season, but not all beers are for all seasons. Learn the aromas and flavors our local brewers have to offer for this spring.

From Water Street Brewing Co.:

Plan Bee: Lighter ales are the brew of choice for outdoorsmen and partygoers alike. This bittered honey ale is produced with heather tips and English hops right around the corner at Water Street Brewing Co. Lightly fermented, it’s the perfect beer for a spring barbecue or a light meal. But don’t let its light taste and flowery bouquet deceive: A pint is enough to put you in your best spirits. Grab your light jacket or your spring dress, for bees are in season.

Fury Whip IPA: As the temperature rises, India Pale Ales get dryer. A solid malt backbone characterizes this aromatic beer, brewed with all American hops. The Fury Whip IPA will get your vernal energies pumped and your feet running through fields of aromatic flowers.

From The North Brewery, Endicott, N.Y.:

Crick Water: This Amber Ale with an attitude is not to be missed. Its coppery color and herbal aroma will fit any early afternoon brunch or sunset dinner. The flavor of crystal malt is unmistakable and a great match with chicken or roasted vegetables.

Double D’s: When we think of stouts, we think of winter: heavy clothes and brews served at 43 degrees or above. But the Double D’s makes a delicious breakfast brew all year-round with its mellow, creamy taste and heavy wooden bouquet. The Double D’s is enjoyable with a hearty ration of beans and steak, preferably in a quaint cottage in the woods. But The North Brewery will work, too.

From Galaxy Brewing Co.:

Galaxy Maibock: A cold, German-style lager is never a bad choice on a balmy evening. Malty enough to leave your tongue tingling, but not as heavy as winter brews, the Galaxy Maibock is great to be shared with friends over a light meat dinner. Add some grilled portobello mushrooms to the equation and turn any get-together into a fancy springtime banquet.

Omega Dubble: This beer’s beautiful amber color suggests lightness and a delicate flavor, but don’t underestimate it: High in alcohol content and sweet in taste, this dubble is potent. The people at Galaxy aren’t Cistercians nor do they live in an abbey, but they have mastered the ancient art of Trappist brewing. The Belgian Candi sugars will stay in your mouth for a good time after the first — and the last — sip.

Spring will be around for a few more months, but these brews are on continuous rotation. Enjoy the soon-to-be verdant hills of Binghamton while drinking some of the best beers upstate New York has to offer. Cheers!