Franz Lino/Staff Photographer

If there’s any place you should check out during Restaurant Week, it’s undoubtedly Remlik’s Grille & Oyster Bar. This upscale restaurant makes you feel like a wealthy patron even though you’ll be spending on a student budget.

Remlik’s, unbeknownst to many underclassmen, lies in the depths of Downtown Binghamton, hidden away in its own corner on Lewis Street. Upon walking in, you may be confused when you see a high-priced jewelry shop, decorated antiques and maybe even an old town car — or a newer, more expensive model — in the lobby. But don’t worry, you are in the right place. Just walk a few steps further and a hostess will be there to take you to your table in the dimly lit, sophisticated and elegant dining area with its assortment of long dining tables with small, more intimate arrangements. The interior has a festive feeling with lights wrapped around pillars, welcoming wreaths and paintings on the walls. The outdoor deck isn’t bad either.

“The atmosphere at Remlik’s is amazing,” said Suzanne Greene, a junior majoring in political science. “The outdoor deck overlooks the rail lines and old brick buildings with vintage painted advertisements from days gone by. It feels like you’ve left Binghamton completely. Plus, the food is fantastic.”

Remlik’s is known for its oyster bar — the restaurant’s greatest catch. If you’re a seafood connoisseur, the oyster bar will have you drooling with its succulent oysters, clams and endless supply of lobster and cod. The cod is featured prominently on the lunch menu for Restaurant Week with a delicious entrée of fish and chips, featuring Remlik’s popular codfish battered in beer and served with house-cut fries. This is the winning lunch dish. For an appetizer, a delicious mixed salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing does the job. If you’re more adventurous, however, definitely try the garlic herb knots with Remlik’s homemade marinara sauce. These doughy rolls of garlic will have your mouth watering.

While lunch at Remlik’s is delicious and savory, the romantic setting is perfect for a dinner date or a large get-together with friends. For those of you 21 and over, start off the night with a nice glass of Pinot Grigio. As you sip on your wine and relax, do yourself a favor and start your meal with the nice, warm soup of the day. Cross your fingers that it’s French onion! Hot out of the oven, this soup melts in your mouth. The mozzarella cheese is silky, delicate and, well, melty as it slides down your throat with ease, making you warm from head to toe.

Now, for the big entrée. My favorite choice is the prime sirloin au poivre, cooked medium-well. This steak, grilled to perfection, sizzles on the dish, just waiting for you to dig in. Topped with a creamy brandy peppercorn sauce, the steak has just the right kick. However, if you’re more conservative, you can ask for just the sirloin without the sauce on top. It also comes with light, fluffy whipped potatoes to balance out the heavy sirloin. If you can handle the dessert, my hat is off to you, but the appetizer and entrée alone had me full to the brim. Walking out with a full stomach and a full wallet, it is suffice to say that Remlik’s is an excellent choice for this year’s Restaurant Week.