“Bucket list” seems too harsh a term — we’re seniors in college, not senior citizens — but this is one of our last chances to be dramatic and make lists that we can accomplish before time runs out. This list involves the love/abhorrence relationship that we have with Sodexo. Here are the Sodexo meals you need to try before you graduate.

Caesar salad at Chenango Champlain Collegiate Center

Located in the International section (we don’t know why), the Caesar salad is a staple of this dining hall. Consider it the fifth “C” and load up your plate because they’ve always got tons. For some reason, it’s always next to fancy pastries like éclairs or tiramisu, probably for contrast.

Vegan station at College-in-the-Woods Dining Hall

There’s a new guy running Gifts from the Garden, but he’s pretty cool, so give him a chance. This station is famous for offering consistently edible and hearty entrees, so stop by one day and try a pecan patty, tempeh taco or Amazon chili.

Mediterranean bar at Appalachian Dining Hall

Call it Little Greece, call it delicious or call it annoying that you have to weigh it all on a separate plate, but the Mediterranean section at Appalachian makes it worth the hike. Load up a pita with hummus, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes or tabbouleh and eggplant for a small taste of Turkey.

Waffle fries at Mountainview Night Owl

They’re fries that look like tiny waffles. Enough said.

Sugar cookies at any location

If you spot one, immediately purchase it and tweet the geographic coordinates. A committee will be by shortly to document your findings and publish them in the academic journal “Exotic Sodexo Offerings.” Alternatively, buy out the lot and consume accordingly in solitude and secrecy. They’re incredible.

Churros at Hinman Night Owl

Like sugar cookies, these surface about once a year, usually around Cinco de Mayo. These are pretty far from the real thing but are still enjoyable for fans of the tubular doughnut.

Milkshakes at the Woods Diner

The options are expensive but endless. Go nuts and mix the flavor of the day with Oreos and malt, or stay classic and get an old-fashioned vanilla shake. The architecture of CIW doesn’t make sense, but their milkshakes sure do.

Whether you love or hate Sodexo, consider making room in your heart for that special something. Dinner or late-night snack runs with college buddies are privileges that won’t last forever. As the weather warms up, there are few places I’d rather be than outside slurping down ice cream with friends. I might even miss the food once I’m gone.