Provided by Vlambeer

It’s been a month since Vietnam-based developer Dong Nguyen took his hit game “Flappy Bird” off the mobile markets. Some people still hold steadfast, trying to achieve the highest score. Others have simply given up, knowing that the game is no longer culturally relevant. Fortunately, the mobile gaming market is still flush with games that are just as fun and, as it turns out, just as addicting. Let’s take a look at some of the market’s favorite games from the last year or so:

1. “The Room”

Developer: Fireproof Games

Gamer Type: People who love eerie puzzles.

Platform: iOS/Android

Price: 99 cents

“The Room” is a 3-D mystery game that keeps the player constantly immersed in a story that unfolds by interacting with a series of puzzle boxes. At the completion of each box, the player is given insights into the box’s mysterious “Null” element, and the progressively maddening state of the man who left it behind. It’s not only a fantastic game for people who love puzzles, but for those who love creepy paranormal story lines.

2. “Super Hexagon”

Developer: Terry Cavanagh

Gamer Type: People who love a minimalist approach to frustratingly fatalistic action.

Platform: iOS/Android/Blackberry

Price: $2.99

There’s something special about games that seem simple enough but never really are. For those who really loved the impossibility of “Flappy Bird,” “Super Hexagon” is a game of the same kind. Swap your birds for dots and pipes for geometrical hazards, and you’ll be back to your same addict self in no time!

3. “Ridiculous Fishing”

Developer: Vlambeer

Gamer Type: People who’ve always wanted to find the biggest catch.

Platform: iOS/Android

Price: $2.99

There’s something about the art style of “Ridiculous Fishing” that perfectly captures the beauty and romanticism of being out at sea for the smaller screen. Then you use your shotgun. The premise is very simple: Try to get your hook as deep as you can before it touches a fish, then work your way up, snagging as many sea creatures as you can. Once they reach the surface, the fish go flying and you start shooting them out of the air. Use the money you earn from each “catch” to unlock new costumes, guns and hook attachments.

4. “Year Walk”

Developer: Simogo

Gamer Type: People who love a late-night, surreal horror story and puzzle.

Platform: iOS

Price: $3.99

“Year Walk” isn’t your typical game. In fact, it’s hardly a game at all. You play as a wayward soul, trying to unlock the secrets of the “Year Walk” by navigating the confusing forest maze. Through your encounters with several mysteriously creepy characters, you’ll solve a series of puzzles that further immerses you into the dark mythological world of this eerie horror adventure. If at any point the game becomes too difficult, use a walk-through and just sit back and enjoy the story unfold.

5. “Threes!”

Developer: Sirvo LLC

Gamer Type: Math lovers, puzzle lovers and those who are naturally lucky.

Platform: iOS/Android

Price: $1.99

“Threes!” is a simple, elegant and highly addictive puzzler that will keep you coming back for more. Working with simple mathematical principles and a great deal of luck, you’ll finally have an occasion to use those elementary addition skills you worked so hard to master. With an original system and clean design, “Threes!” gives a fresh new take on number puzzles for the mobile platform.

6. “QuizUp”

Developer: Plain Vanilla Games

Gamer Type: Trivia nerds and the informationally hungry.

Platform: iOS/Android

Price: Free!

If you know a thing or two about anything, you’ll find “QuizUp” fun. With hundreds of different themed quizzes to choose from (Lost, Candy, Logos), “QuizUp” pits you against fellow players in real time to take your burning competitive spirit online. How well you play determines the points you earn, which you then use to level up.

Games are an integral part of many people’s smartphone experience. While it may be easy to get caught up in the craze of “Candy Crushes” and “Flappy Birds,” consider adding these artistically-made and intuitively-developed alternatives to your games folder.