Paige Nazinitsky/Managing Editor

With Ellen DeGeneres as this year’s host and only a few shoo-ins and countless big-name stars in attendance, the Academy Awards will yet again be the biggest entertainment event of the year. Yet, while always glamorous and highly anticipated, the show has its duller moments. So what better way to make the best of the Oscars than with alcohol? No matter who you’re hoping wins, everyone can agree that our drinking game will make the night substantially more enjoyable:

Take a drink if…

• Ellen starts dancing

• The camera shows a reaction shot of Meryl Streep

• Someone mentions Clooney or DiCaprio dating younger women

• Someone curses and it isn’t bleeped

• Someone cries during an acceptance speech even though they’re only winning for best makeup

• A celebrity is asked about their strange pre-award show ritual. Like Jack Nicholson, who rubs grapefruits on his skin before the show. Google it.

Drink twice if…

• Jennifer Lawrence does something embarrassing, but it makes people like her more because she’s so human

• Someone mentions Shia LaBeouf and/or Alec Baldwin leaving Hollywood

• Someone says, “I’m the captain now”

Finish your drink if…

• Ellen wears a wig from “American Hustle”

• A presenter wears the high-waisted pants from “Her”

• Matthew McConaughey says, “Alright, alright, alright”

• Someone makes a “too soon” joke about “12 Years a Slave”

Awards show-lover or not, play this game and you’re sure to enjoy this Sunday night, and have something to talk about besides Parade Day this Monday.