Cari Snider and Emma Siegel/Pipe Dream Design

With highs in the mid-20s, walking to class is even less enjoyable than usual. Even though there are no underground tunnels here at Binghamton University, it’s still possible to get from (Academic) A to B while staying mostly indoors. All you need is a little creativity. Here’s how to get to some of the farthest places on campus while avoiding the cold:

Glenn G. Bartle Library to Academic A

If you registered for a class last semester and didn’t realize what the AA stood for, you may be regretting that long, windy walk to Academic A. Start at Bartle, and walk through the lobby toward Lecture Hall. Enter Lecture Hall directly across from the library, and enter the hallway leading to Student Wing by Lecture Hall 12. Make a right at the end of the hallway, continue straight past the elevators and go through the door on your left. At the bottom of the stairs, go through the double doors on your right, and you will be in the basement of Academic A.

Old University Union to Science II

For many students, Science II is the farthest science building they’ll ever have to trek to. But in the winter, that trek still seems pretty far. If you’re on the other side of campus, take the new walkway that connects the Old and New Unions (it starts in the hallway near the Tillman Cafe). When you get to the Marketplace, walk toward the main entrance of the New Union, and exit by Fine Arts Building. Use the Fine Arts entrance directly on your right, and walk to the lobby (the one with the big drawings on the wall). Use that exit, and walk or run, depending on the wind chill, to the main entrance of Science Library. At the end of the hallway, make a left and continue straight. You’ll make it to Science II without feeling like you’ve made your way through the arctic.

Old Union to East Gym

Okay, so let’s be real for a second. There’s no super warm way to get to the East Gym. Still, even a few minutes of heat can make your pre-workout stroll just a little brighter. If you’re coming from Hinman College (or that side of campus), first walk through the library to get to the Union. Again, use the walkway from the Old to New Union, but this time, exit the New Union through the doors adjacent to Red Mango. Once you exit, speed walk toward the Couper Administration Building. Keep toward your right, and get to the gym as fast as you can before you realize that you can no longer feel your right foot. Running is a bonus if you want to get some extra cardio in.

College-in-the-Woods Dining Hall to Oneida Hall/Mountainview College

Living on the top of a hill can be hard, especially when the cold air comes around. But there is a smarter, warmer way to make it to the top. On the upper level of CIW Dining Hall, there is a door located to the left of the CIW Commons. Go straight up the stairs and through the double doors. Continue up the stairs and past the Residential Life office. Make a right and exit through the door on your left. There may still be a long way to go, but at least it will feel like you did something nice for yourself.

Bartle to Science Library

Have you ever wanted to leave Bartle and go to the outlet mecca that is Science Library? Don’t worry, you can be warm too. Exit the library by Jazzman’s and enter Science I to the right of Einstein’s. Immediately make a right and then a left at the end of that hallway. To your left, there will be a stairwell that says “Exit to Science Library.” Go down the spiraling stairs and through the door at the end. There will be a sign directing you to your right. Once you go down that hallway, make a left and you’ll see an exit across from the entrance to Science Library. Stay inside and avoid dry skin for the rest of the winter.

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