Since the Stone Age, sex toys have been an integral part of the sexual universe. Whether utilized alone or with a partner, sex toys can enhance, stimulate and simulate feelings of sexual pleasure. With the help of modern technology, great advances have been made in the field of sexual exploration, leading to the invention of innovative devices that enhance sexual experience.

“When I think about you I touch myself”

The highest form of masturbation a person can possibly partake in is with a Real Doll. For only $6,000, a man or woman can custom order an incredibly life-like doll made entirely of silicone to fulfill all of their sexual fantasies. Customers can choose every physical aspect of their doll from penis or breast size to amounts of pubic hair to weight and height.

“But I’d rather get some head”

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the individual attention of some fellatio or cunnilingus? Well, now for only $65, there’s a way to give it to yourself whenever you desire without needing to contort your body into a compromising position.

The Sqweel is a wheel that contains 10 silicone tongues. The wheel is encased in a plastic holder for easy holding. It features three different speeds, complying to the rate at which you enjoy the buildup to your climax.

But this toy is not limited to just self-stimulation! It’s also great for people who would prefer to avoid catching semen in their mouth, don’t enjoy the taste of vagina or people who would simply rather watch their partner be tickled by 10 lapping tongues than doing it themselves.

“I’m just living for some new vibrations”

During vaginal intercourse it can be difficult for a man to stimulate all of his partner’s erogenous zones while focusing on thrusting. Not anymore! With We Vibe II a woman has the ability to have it all, while her partner gets to have sex with a vibrating vagina.

This nifty little stapler-resembling toy features two heads, one for stimulating the G-Spot and the other for the clitoris. The G-Spot stimulator is inserted into the vagina, while the clitoris stimulator rests on the clitoris. This device is small enough so that a penis, dildo or strap-on can still be inserted in the vagina as well and clamps onto the vulva so as not to interfere with thrusting.

“I said, what, what, in the butt”

Like the G-Spot in vaginal intercourse, the prostate is like the Snitch of anal sex — difficult to find, but once found by the Seeker, the results are incredibly rewarding. Any old vibrator or dildo can stimulate the prostate, but the Aneros Prostate Stimulator helps achieve an orgasm by stimulating the prostate from inside and outside the body.

At $58, this toy looks similar to a squid with only two tentacles. The body is shaped like a thick baseball bat, smooth at the top with a ribbed stem. The user or a partner holds one of the “curly handles,” while the other is meant to press into the perineum, stimulating the root of the penis.

Though Aneros Prostate Stimulator is targeted for men, women can also enjoy it.

Sex toys are a great alternative or additive to sex, but it’s important to be cautious about your frequency of usage because they can become incredibly addicting.