Finding the perfect gift for your secret Santa can be challenging, so the Release staff came up with a comprehensive guide for any type of friend.

Fashionista friend:

Everybody has a fashionable friend. It’s that person who always looks put-together and is on top of the latest trends. He/she is familiar with all the hottest designers and isn’t afraid to take risks with his/her style. So, what to buy for the person who has it all figured out?

$ Scarf: Every fashionista knows the importance of accessories. Fashionable people can take the simplest outfits and make them look effortlessly chic by incorporating a few complementing pieces. With cold weather setting in, a scarf is the perfect accessory to give your fashionista friend a little neck flair. Rather than buying a solid color, opt for one with patterns and bold colors, such as those that can be found at Urban Outfitters and Gap.

$$ Jeans: There are a few basic wardrobe staples that no fashionista can have too many of; one of those is jeans. Brands such as Lucky and Levi’s offer tons of different styles to choose from. Skinny jeans have been the trend of recent years, but with endless washes and cuts out there, you can find a pair that best suits your friend’s style. If your fashionista is more of a risk taker, try finding a pair of colored denim or one with rips.

$$$ Sunglasses: Whether they are going to the beach, on a shopping spree or just for a walk, a fashionista always needs to step out in style. That means having a great pair of sunglasses both for practicality and looking good on the go. While name brands can get a little pricey, companies like Ray-Ban make shades that are chic and reasonably priced. Their Wayfarers and Aviators are the most sought-after styles, and both guys and girls can rock them.

Boring friend:

$ Slippers: Who can say no to warm, fuzzy slippers? This is the perfect gift for your boring friend — you know, the one who would rather sit home on a Friday night and watch TV than go out and get wild with everyone else. These can be bought almost anywhere.

$$ ‘‘Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete First Season” on DVD: This can provide some comedic relief for your boring friend, maybe even give them a personality. You can find it on Amazon for under $20.

$$$ Amazon Kindle: A little pricey, but definitely worth the bucks for a really special boring friend. This wireless reading device has all your favorite books at the touch of your fingers. You can get this baby on Amazon starting at $150 for gently used Kindles.

Funny friend:

$ No-tear toilet paper: Whether you pull this fast one on your friend first or give it as a gift, your funny friend should be the person to appreciate this kind of prank. You can buy no-tear toilet paper at any Spencer’s store or online at for $4.99.

$$ Footed Pajamas: This gift can be comfortable and entertaining. Your funny friend will always attract positive attention with footed pajamas on. You can buy adult footed pajamas at Walmart or at for around $15.

$$$ A season of ‘‘Saturday Night Live”: Let your funny friend sit back and take notes on how to make people laugh. You can buy a season of ‘‘Saturday Night Live” for around $40 at any department store or by ordering it on Amazon.

Slutty friend:

$ Candy bra: The perfect low-budget gift for that slutty friend of yours is the candy bra. Sold at Spencer’s for a mere $9.99, nothing will please your flirty friend more. While you may not be interested, your slutty friend will be picking her own lucky someone to help eat it off.

$$ “Trust me I’m a doctor” T-shirt: Although I’m sure your slutty guy friend doesn’t need more help getting women, a T-shirt baring the slogan “Trust me I’m a Doctor” could only help him at this point. On, you can choose from a variety of colors for $29. In the long run, this gift may deter naïve women from falling prey to the slut friend you know all too well.

$$$ “Sexy Little Thing” lingerie: If you really feel like splurging, Victoria’s Secret sells a “Sexy Little Things” lingerie line for $68. This line, which comes in styles like “sexy little sailor” and “sexy little nurse,” is flirty and fun and a good gift to give to your slutty friend without seeming creepy.

Dramatic friend:

This isn’t so much the friend that is into theater, but the one that actually thinks that his or her life is an Oscar-worthy movie unfolding right before our eyes.

$ Hollywood Walk of Fame Peel ‘n Place Star: Since their life is a movie and they’re the star of it, immortalize them with this sticker that can turn them into an instant celebrity (Amazon $4.99).

$$ Journals: They always have unrealistic stories to tell you and somehow everything always happens to them. So from now on tell them to write everything down and you can read it later, with the help of “How to Make a Journal of Your Life” by Dan Price (Amazon $9.99). And don’t leave the future memoirist stranded without the proper equipment. Give them a 3-pack set of Moleskine Cahier Journals, the same brand of journals once used by legends like Vincent van Gogh and Ernest Hemingway (Amazon $12.21).

$$$ Kodak Mini Video Camera: And because everything they tell you is so fantastical you have to see it to believe it, give them this camera so they can capture all those “dramatic” moments on film as proof. No bigger than a credit card and with easy plug-in and share capabilities, they won’t have an excuse not to film their lives (Amazon $49.99).

Studious friend:

Most people have a friend or family member that is on the bookish side. You know, the one who is always reading something new or for whom the library is his/her second home. Here are some gift ideas for that friend, all under $50.

$ “The Book Thief”: For an inexpensive gift, this book by Markus Zusak is a good idea. It tops the list for a student-friendly budget, starting at $5.99 new at Amazon. It is grave in nature with cultural references for the time and the message it seeks to evoke, but is also emotionally intense.

$$ Watch: For those who choose to spend a little more, a watch is a good option. The academic type is bound to be running to a meeting or internship, so why not help them get there on time? Whether male or female, has some noteworthy styles that range from $9.99 to $24.00.

$$$ Lap desk: Lastly, if you want to spend top dollar, a lap desk, while not the most creative idea, is practical, and a friend like this one is bound to be spending hours at a laptop doing work. You can get some varied color options at for $39.95.

Hippie/Pothead friend:

$ Tie-Dye kit: What hippie doesn’t wear tie-dye? This gift is easy, fun and can be used on any article of clothing that needs a little extra funkiness. You can find one of these colorful kits at Michaels or any other store that carries arts and crafts supplies. Your hippie friend is guaranteed to love making his/her own quintessential tie-dye T-shirt.

$$ Concert tickets: Live music is obviously the staple of hippie culture, so why don’t you get a pair of tickets for you and your hippie friend to a great concert at a nearby venue? Look up concert dates, locations and ticket prices online at and make sure you sneakingly find out which dates would be good for your friend. Depending on your budget, tickets can be found for as little as $10 each, so pick a show and order a pair.

$$$ A bong: If you’re looking to spend a little more on a gift for your hippie friend this year, head over to a local head shop and pick out a bong for all his/her smoking needs. Keep in mind his/her favorite colors and find a bong perfectly tailored to your friend’s aesthetic tastes. Here in Binghamton, you can visit Sugar Mountain on Court Street, or head into Manhattan to browse the many head shops down in the East Village.