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Spring semester is both exciting and daunting for college students. For seniors, it means the countdown to the so-called real world, which forces us to examine if we feel we’ve made the most of our college careers and whether we’ve had our carpe diem moments. For you seniors out there — or for anyone at all, really — consider the following “BUcket list” (see what I did there?) as a platform to make the most of your Binghamton University college career.

Streak in the Nature Preserve — The Nature Preserve isn’t only available as a resource for Instagram photos and getting high. The Nature Preserve is actually the perfect place to let loose and go streaking with your friends while no one else is around. There’s something almost existential about standing in the middle of a forest in just your boots that allows you to have a moment where you feel connected with both yourself and the world that’s around you. After you streak in the Nature Preserve, go streaking on the Spine after spending all night in the library. What a rush!

Kayak at the Blake — When we finally get those few weeks of warm weather, plan on heading straight to the Blake in Nathaniel Cole Park to rent a kayak. Or, if you’re not into any sort of water sports, the Blake is a perfect local place to lounge around with a good book and take in the gorgeous scenery around you.

Drink on the Fine Arts Building roof — Grab some friends, grab some beers and climb out of a window and onto the roof. Make sure not to get too intoxicated because you’ll want to get down safely, but enjoy stargazing and hanging out with your friends unconfined by a dorm or the comfort of your couch.

Drink in Glenn G. Bartle Library on Spring Fling — Spring Fling is one of the best days of the year. Make it even better by taking a couple of shots in Bartle, because a week later when you’re preparing for finals, that memory of intoxication will be a nice way to stick it to “The Man” before you go back to panicking.

Take a day trip to Ithaca — Ithaca is so close and is a great college town. Take a day trip there and check out the scene. Maybe even make your way to Cornell University and go on a prospective student tour and bother the guides with obnoxious questions … anything is possible!

Wine tour — You don’t need to be in a fraternity or Pipe Dream to go on a wine tour. The wineries on the Finger Lakes are so close by that you can make a day trip out of it. Get classy, head up there for the day and drink some great local wine!

Complete one week’s worth of crosswords from The New York Times — Thanks to the Student Association’s Academic Affairs office, BU receives The New York Times daily. Take on the challenge of successfully completing a week’s worth of crosswords. If you have trouble, don’t worry because New York Times crossword puzzle wiz, Rex Parker, teaches here under the pseudonym “Michael Sharp” and can probably help you out.

Go to Walmart between 12 and 2 a.m. — If you think the people you see in daylight hours at Walmart are unreal, wait till you’re there at 2 a.m. You’ll see locals buying flat-screen TVs and endless supplies of diapers, and you may even be able to hear someone on the phone asking the person on the other end if they have called the police to the house yet. Expect a lot of polyester pajamas and sometimes babies. It’s something not to be missed.

Take a shot in every classroom where you’ve had a class — This is most likely not doable in one go, but spread your alcohol consumption throughout the day or week. Make a toast in a classroom where you learned something new or insightful, or drink in a classroom where a course caused way too much anxiety. Whatever you do, drink. It’s college, after all.

Sack in the stacks — The library isn’t only for studying or sleeping; it can also be a great place to hook up with someone. Many friends of mine from other schools have this on their bucket list, and it seems like a universal college experience everyone wants. Carpe diem!

There are obviously so many things still to do in college, but there is still ample time to accomplish whatever it is you want to do. If none of this stuff interests you or you’ve already accomplished most of this list, make your own bucket list either with or without your friends. College isn’t only meant as job preparation — it’s also the perfect time to try something new and make mistakes before you cross off “college” from your bucket list.