Anika Michel/Contributing photographer

As college students with busy schedules, it can be a hassle to keep yourself looking your best every single day. For females, hair care can be an exceptional responsibility, but in many instances, there is just not enough time to style it.

Sometimes pulling your hair back in a restless ponytail or hiding the mane under a decent hat just isn’t the right solution. Finding a good hair salon in Binghamton may be difficult, unless you venture onto Clinton Street to Shuna’s Hair Studio.

On the desolated strip of Clinton Street lies the miracle solution to a growing dilemma for the female students at Binghamton University. The solution may very well be Shuna’s Hair Studio, a spacious establishment with an array of vanity mirrors, salon chairs and many hair products.

The salon opened in 2008 and was originally located on Vestal Avenue, but relocated to Clinton Street last June. The salon offers a variety of hair treatments, from relaxers and color to cuts and deep conditioning.

“I even offer makeup lessons,” said Rashuna Durham, owner and manager of Shuna’s Hair Studio. “Doing makeup, [fake] eyelashes, everything.”

The studio also sells hair care products to

ensure that you’re keeping your hair healthy when you’re at home. The studio came into existence all thanks to Durham, who has been living in the area since she was in high school.

“I worked in salons here for eight years, and then I opened up my own,” Durham said.

The city’s clientele has proven to be very profitable for her. Considering the fact that she can do African American hair, she has a market here because there aren’t many salons that can handle that hair type.

“I do every type of hair. It doesn’t matter. I have a wide range of clientele,” Durham said.

Opening three years ago, Shuna’s Hair Studio is fairly new. A number of BU students are a part of her clientele, and her service has been the topic of conversation.

“I think it’s great,” said Katherine Rimpel, a freshman majoring in biochemistry. “It’s not like you’re just sitting there and getting your hair done. She really engages you.”

Taking notice of the University patrons, there is a monthly special that is offered to BU students only. This month, the special is $18 for a “wash and roller set” on Wednesdays. Aside from hair products and specials, the salon offers something more important — hair care knowledge. A hairstyle is always nice, but knowing how to keep your hair healthy will be more beneficial in the long run.