Daniel O?Connor/Photo Editor From left to right, Seth Newman and Daniel Shemesh, both undeclared freshmen, and Ravi Singh, a freshman in the Watson School of Engineering, modelling their Downtown apparel.

As the temperature quickly begins to drop, maintaining your swagger for Downtown seems a bit more difficult for both genders. Here are some tips on how to look as cool as the sweat beads that form into icicles when you’re taking a breather from Scoreboard.

It’s a known fact that people lose heat through their head more than any other part of their body. The best thing for girls is to get one of those sassy ski headbands that are really stylish right now. For guys, beanies and baseball hats are the only form of acceptable headgear to wear to a bar. Don’t even think about trying to work your hat with ear flaps. For both ladies and gents, the key to staying warm without wearing a bulky down coat is layering.


1. Silk’s not smooth

For the glamour girl, avoid any silky materials directly on your skin; it makes the cold seem even colder. If you want to wear a silk shirt, wear a light cotton tank top underneath.

2. Sweater weather

For the girl who keeps it simple, wear a light long sleeve shirt with a cardigan made of a material on the heavier side, such as wool or cashmere.

3. Ditch the denim

Pair any of the tops with either corduroys or velvet/velour pants (not Juicy sweatpants); they provide more warmth than jeans. On nights where the temperature is in the negative range, wear tights underneath any pair of pants mentioned above.

4. Bundle up

If you own a leather jacket or a blazer, this might not be a bad time to work it if you’re inclined to leave your North Face at home. Another option is wearing a sweater dress with wool tights. Or try a wool mini skirt with wool tights and a long sleeve shirt with sleeves that can easily be rolled up.

5. Boots are made for walking

When choosing footwear, go for high boots with thick socks. If your heels aren’t too tight already, buy a pair of faux sheepskin insoles to keep your toes from freezing while still looking hot.

If you still feel your outfit is looking bland, put your hair in a ballerina bun and add a statement accessory.


1. It’s better on top

Wear a short sleeve shirt under a long sleeve shirt or sweater. If you choose the long sleeve shirt, wear a cardigan over it. You can also top a short sleeve shirt with a flannel and then a cardigan.

2. Understatements are OK too

Under Armour is another great way to keep warm on both the top and bottom.

3. Jeans aren’t your only option

Corduroys will do the same trick for guys as they do for girls — giving you more warmth than your usual denim.

4. Sock it to ‘em

For the more fashion forward guys, leather shoes and two pairs of socks will definitely retain heat.