The iPhone has a lot of power these days. It seems to have all of the information any human has ever wanted. It wakes us up in the morning, prevents us from getting lost, allows us to feel superior to our other friends. So can it find us love too? Maybe it can, with Tinder.

Tinder is a material used to kindle a fire. And coincidentally, “Tinder” the app is meant to create a spark between two people looking for a romantic fire. Users are shown pictures of the opposite sex within a certain radius of their location and are asked to press either an X or a heart on the pictures. The app informs users if the person they liked has liked them as well and notifies them of the match. The appearance-based attraction metric is sort of shallow, but aren’t most people these days?

There is, of course, the creepy aspect, as there is with most online dating systems. Once notified of a match, users have the option of messaging that person. While a lot of people take this feature seriously, others use it as a joke or a way to simply distract themselves from the monotonous, snowy trudge to class.

“Well, I don’t really see myself finding true love on Tinder, but I appreciate the entertainment it provides for me,” said Debi Kuba, a sophomore majoring in psychology. “It almost becomes addicting. It is definitely exciting when my phone notifies me of a new match. I’ve gotten a few somewhat creepy messages, but it’s kind of just funny.”

If nothing else, Tinder provides a fantastic self-esteem boost and a new form of entertainment.

In a few years, we may all be telling stories of how we and our loved ones met on Tinder. Perhaps Tinder is the beginning of a new era of modern love. We use our iPhones for almost everything else, so why not to find a companion?

Although some people consider Tinder to be another source of class entertainment, many people take this app seriously and hope to find real results. Tinder gives users chances to find possible connections. Transforming a match into a Friday night date is not necessarily out of the question. A true flame can be ignited from the notification of a match.

“I have met some cool people on Tinder. The messaging feature really makes meeting people possible,” said Lindsay Zawatsky, a sophomore majoring in psychology. “I do believe that real relationships are possible from meeting on Tinder. I feel like Tinder might become a more accepted way of meeting people than other online dating websites. Tinder is easier and more geared towards a younger crowd.”

Tinder has the potential to bring us farther into a world of online messaging and awkward in-person encounters, but the world will just have to wait and find out. Maybe your future soul mate is out there right now and will one day be “tinderested” in you.