I was a little underwhelmed by 2012. But one album that definitely caught my attention was Title Fight’s “Floral Green.” Packed with raw, real instruments and testosterone, both of which have been absent in much recent music, “Floral Green” was a breath of fresh air this year. A hardcore punk band out of nearby Kingston, Pa., Title Fight surprisingly managed to make it to No. 69 on Billboard’s Top 200 with the record. I was never a fan of hardcore, but “Floral Green” is something else. The album doesn’t have whiny vocals or indecipherable screaming, as many recent hardcore-associated acts appear to have to those unaccustomed to the genre. Front man Ned Russin’s vocals are intense but also audible, making the record more accessible to new fans. With catchy songs like “Leaf,” “Like a Ritual” and “Secret Society,” intense tracks like “Make You Cry” and delicate pieces like “Head on the Ceiling Fan,” Title Fight demonstrated their broad range of talent and further launched their career with “Floral Green.” “Shed” was a solid debut album, but “Floral Green” has gained Title Fight respect from critics and created world tours after they started up as an unknown small town punk band just a few years ago.

If you want a break from EDM or the constant battle of who can make the most obscure music, give “Floral Green” a listen. It’s definitely something different. And if you’re a fan of Jawbreaker or Kid Dynamite, you’ll love their influence in “Floral Green.” So if you want to see punk come back, pick up a copy, see one of their crazy live shows and support the scene.