Now that it’s peak midterm season, Binghamton University students are clamoring for hot caffeine. Are you looking for that perfect cup of coffee to complement the colder weather? Or maybe just something quick and cheap to keep you awake for cramming? Here’s where to get your fix both on and off campus.

On Campus:

Dining Halls

Aspretto, the café-marketing spawn of Sodexo, prides itself on serving “great coffee that does great things.” This coffee may be great for convenience during late night study sessions, but the fact that it tastes like liquid cardboard isn’t so great. Not to mention all those “flavored blends” taste suspiciously alike …

Quality:* Price: $

Jazzman’s (Academic Building B, Glenn G. Bartle Library)

A leg up from the standard dining hall coffee, Jazzman’s offers a variety of “gourmet” drinks in addition to coffee.

“I love Jazzman’s,” said Irina Frampolsky, an undeclared freshman. “I always get a caramel latte, they’re delicious!”

The coffee quality is roughly equivalent to that of Starbucks, which is enough to drive students to Bartle Library in hordes. Go early to avoid the line.

Quality: ** Price: $$

Einstein Bros Bagel Café (Science I Building)

Similar deal to Jazzman’s, Einstein Bros serves both coffee and flavored Starbucks-esque drinks. As far as quality goes, Einstein Bros is OK at best.

“I didn’t like the pumpkin latte, and the chai tea was disappointing,” said Bethany Seckman, a freshman majoring in chemistry.

Quality: * Price: $$

John Arthur Café (Fine Arts Building)

Named for the beloved late philosophy professor, John Arthur Café continues a legacy of intelligent discourse over great coffee. The student-run, nonprofit café sells bagels, baked goods, Snapple and coffee at low prices, although you can’t use your meal plan card here. A friendly atmosphere coupled with great coffee make it a go-to place to study or discuss postmodernism with a professor, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Quality: *** Price: $

Food Co-op (Old University Union basement)

The Food Co-op is a nonprofit, student-run organization open to students, faculty and community members. In addition to their freshly prepared vegetarian/vegan lunches, the Co-op serves area-roasted, top-notch Laveggio Roasteria Organic Direct Trade Coffee for only $1 a cup. Bring your own mug for a discount.

Quality: **** Price: $

Off Campus

Sip of Seattle (163 Washington Street)

Nestled at the far end of Washington Street is the cozy Sip of Seattle, well-known for their specialty espresso and lattes. The staff is friendly and welcoming, and the coffee is top-notch. Stay in to enjoy coffee and free Wi-Fi or pop in for a quick espresso on the go.

Quality: **** Price: $$

Brewed Awakenings (20 Hawley Street)

Recently opened by the former manager of the well-loved Java Joe’s, Brewed Awakenings offers a variety of unique teas and coffee blends along with a full café menu. Well-lit and spacious with late hours and free Wi-Fi, Brewed Awakenings is a nice place to crash for a study session or group lunch.

Quality: *** Price: $

Cyber Café West (176 Main Street)

Noted for its quirky décor and relaxed atmosphere, Cyber Café West is a great place to grab coffee and chill out. There is live music six times a week, comfortable couches and a wide selection of sandwiches, baked goods, beer and hot drinks. Definitely worth going if you’ve never tried it before.

Quality: **** Price: $$

Tom’s (184 Main Street)

If you own or have access to a coffee maker, Tom’s is the place to go for bagged coffee. “Tom’s has awesome coffee,” said Anna Szilagyi, an undeclared freshman. “My friend’s sister no longer lives in Binghamton but she loves Tom’s coffee so much that she gets it shipped to her.” This eclectic gift shop sells its gourmet coffee by the pound in ground or whole bean form. At around $10 a bag it’s quite pricey, but the quality is unbeatable. Coffee lovers recommend their top-selling Mind, Body & Soul blend.

Quality: ***** Price: $$$