Are you wondering what to possibly do on one of the fine, sunny weekends that Binghamton is coming into now that spring is in the air? Starfest is coming to town soon.

Held at the Bundy Museum of History and Art on April 22 from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m., Starfest is open to people of all ages (of course only 21+ can drink though). There is no better event for dipping your toes into the Binghamton area cultural scene while you find yourself a resident of this fine city.

Starfest is a recent event that was created as a cooperation between various local organizations, individuals and businesses. This amalgamation of everything Binghamton has to offer has even surpassed the expectations of its organizer, Allenby Buchanan, a Binghamton resident.

“Starfest was created to celebrate queer joy, to center LGBTQIA+ artists of all kinds and to give back to the queer community through a mutual aid fund,” Allenby said. “It started out as a half-baked idea to get some of my favorite local bands together on a set. It evolved into this pretty massive project that myself and quite a few others have been working on. I cannot wait for you all (and myself) to experience it!”

Starfest has already met and exceeded its $800 goal in order to fund the actual event itself through communal donations. Although the event is free, a minimum $10 fee is encouraged as all profits go toward local queer mutual aid organized by North Side Mutual Aid in order to be allocated to queer individuals in need.

Even though there are more than enough philanthropic reasons to attend this event, the organizers have arranged for all kinds of entertainment that are well worth the price of admission. This event is perfect for students seeking to begin their exploration of everything Binghamton has to offer — including, of course, the local queer community. Starfest is set to showcase some of the phenomenal drag performers in the area such as blackismygender, Ms. Vivi Nox and Femme De Violette. Starfest also plans to promote Binghamton’s underground scene by encompassing local performers and bands. Starfest has more than enough performances to cater to those better acquainted with Binghamton’s cultural scene. The more experienced showgoers will have no trouble recognizing some of the talents featured. Band favorites such as Mall Goths, Happy to be Here and No More Bands will be part of the many performances Starfest has to offer.

The nine-hour festival will have lots of events to fill the time. There will also be around a dozen different vendors to browse through while attending. If you get hungry, seek out one of the baked goods vendors like Joyful Sweets and Treats. If you need a souvenir to remind you of the experience or simply looking for some treasures to add to your collection, there are also more than enough artists and vendors selling their one-of-a-kind creations and goods. For those who are more craft savvy, look for Oh Queer! for handmade, crocheted items. If you love thrifting, find the stalls for Volumes of Imagination and Parlor City Thrifts. If you need to brighten up your walls, there will definitely be something of interest from Spacehead Art or one of the many other vendors selling their paintings.

Starfest has something to offer for everyone and will be a wonderful opportunity to start getting out again and enjoying the beautiful spring weather after having braved the Binghamton winter.