In usual Binghamton fashion, rainy days will most likely be abundant this school year. Do you ever get that dreary feeling staring out the window while the rain pitter patters? The clouds have covered the sun, going outside is not an option and all the weather is encouraging is a cozy day cooped up in bed. A great option is to watch a show or film, but something even better than that is listening to a playlist that fits the rainy day aesthetic. Finally, the day is here for a playlist to play when you want to relax and stay inside during a rainy day.

“Daddy Issues” by The Neighbourhood

“Daddy Issues” is a perfect rainy day song. The opening guitar tone sounds similar to the sound of rain falling, and then the vocals double down on that vibe with a smooth, emotional vocal style. The verses consist of a drowned-out bass playing that helps create the sad mood of the song. The Neighbourhood knew exactly how to execute a low-key and sorrowful tune, and the results are near perfection.

“PRIDE.” by Kendrick Lamar

As one of Kendrick Lamar’s saddest songs, “PRIDE.” is a song filled with lots of introspection and regret. Lamar’s ascending and descending voice pitch along with the vibrant guitar chords paints a brilliant melancholic picture. The pensive attitude of the song is complemented extremely well by its production. The chorus provides the realization for Lamar when he sings “Maybe I wasn’t there” accompanied by scattered vocal harmonies that enhance the moodiness of the track.

“Acid Rain” by Chance The Rapper

“Acid Rain” is a thoughtful, smartly written song where Chance The Rapper raps about various topics. One topic he touches on is his friend who passed away, as he sings “My big homie died young, just turned older than him. I’ve seen it happen. I seen it happen. I see it always.” Featuring a cool guitar line and profound vocal harmonies, the beat has a quiet but powerful energy. With the word “rain” in the title, this song is a no-brainer for a day of cozy rain.

“ARE YOU OK?” By Daniel Caesar

“ARE YOU OK?” is an emotional behemoth of a song. Daniel Caesar’s vocal melody, complemented by the guitar melody, provides a very deep and soothing sadness. Caesar sings relatable lines about losing someone and trying to be better in the future for that person. The second half of the song gets a little more upbeat but still has Caesar soul searching. One of its lines reads, “This shit ain’t easy. I know I piss my girl off but oh Heaven, why’d she leave me?” Caesar delivers a strongly spiritual song that will have you thinking about deep topics by the end of the day.

“Say What You Will” by James Blake

James Blake has one of the most talented voices in the music industry. The contrast of his emotionless expression in the verses with the heartfelt delivery in the hook is moving. Another highlight of the song is the pure poetry of the lyrics. One line, for example, has Blake singing “I’ve been sobered by my time on the shelf. And I’ve been normal. And I’ve been ostracized like a comet blazing through an empty sky.” Toward the end of the song, Blake holds a high note which won’t fail to make you tear up followed by earnest strings. It is low-key but one of the best songs ever made, which makes it fitting for a sleepy rainy day.

These are some of the best songs to play during a rainy Binghamton day. If you want to check out the full playlist, you can check that out below for a perfect day lounging and listening to the rain.