Over the course of a few months, hate crimes and attacks on Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) have surged and refuse to falter. In light of these attacks, people have been doing everything they can to support those who have been impacted by anti-Asian sentiment. One simple and easy way to support the AAPI community is by shopping from AAPI-owned businesses. Here is a list of some AAPI-owned businesses that can get you through a long school day.


Thai entrepreneur and restaurateur Emshika Alberini has a delicious on-the-go beverage that can help all college students. If you have back-to-back classes and can’t stop for coffee, tea or a latte, try the nitro Thai iced coffee! Her famous drink can help boost your energy and get you through that lecture. Alberini’s line also includes nitro Thai iced tea, oat milk iced tea lattes and oat milk Thai coffee lattes. Alberini’s drinks are dairy-free, plant-based and are made with 100 percent natural ingredients. The Thai chef’s culturally inspired drinks have natural sweetness from the monk fruit, and the tea she uses is imported from Northern Thailand. Emshika Alberini allows people all over the world to experience the Thai tradition that she has produced from her personal family’s recipes.

Nguyen Coffee Supply

Another AAPI-owned business that is related to coffee is Nguyen Coffee Supply, created by Vietnamese American Sahra Nguyen. Instead of buying coffee in a can, with Nguyen’s coffee, you can brew your own coffee to start your day off right. The robusta beans are sourced and produced naturally in Vietnam and later sent to New York, where Nguyen roasts them into different flavors. Nguyen has many different flavors and also sells merchandise and coffee utensils. Sahra Ngyuen’s mission as a first-generation daughter of refugees is to “change the future of specialty coffee through diversity, inclusion and sustainability.” Try some of Nguyen Coffee Supply’s delicious coffee to get you through the day!


In Binghamton, it is not easy to get an authentic taste of Asian culture due to the scarcity of Asian restaurants and grocery stores. Omsom enables college students to try distinct and unique flavors through a quick and easy process. Kim and Vanessa Pham are Vietnamese American sisters who created Omsom and have made it effortless for people to taste the flavors of Asian cultures. Simply rip open the packets, or “starters,” pour them over your choice of protein or vegetables and cook it! Omsom offers a variety of flavors to choose from: spicy, bulgogi, lemongrass, BBQ and much more. The bold brand also sells gluten-free and vegan sets for those with dietary restrictions. Not only do they sell “starter” packets, but they also offer merchandise such as rice paddles, shirts and socks. The Pham sisters believe in serving “proud, loud Asian flavors to your fingertips any day of the week.”

Dang Bars

Looking for a quick snack to grab in between classes? Try Dang Bars! Created by Thai American brothers Vincent and Andrew Kitirattragarn, these bars were inspired by their mother’s recipes since they grew up eating different foods. The brothers have created so many flavors for customers to try: “Crazy Rich Chocolate,” lemon matcha, toasted coconut and more! Not only can you buy bars, but you can also try different flavors of Thai rice chips or coconut chips. All of these snacks are plant-based, non-GMO, gluten-free and only contain whole foods. The brothers also made sure to include keto-friendly, protein and vegan options. These ingredients are obtained from family farms located in Thailand and all of these farms strictly follow an ethical business practice. Similar to Omsom, the Kitirattragarn brothers also sell merchandise: bags, jackets, utensils and “My Favorite Auntie” visors.