Despite the never-ending snow here in Binghamton, spring is right around the corner. The weather shifting from arctic temperatures to warm breezes is as good of an excuse as any to do a little bit of shopping. If you are in need of some new spring and summer clothes or you just want to add to your collection of sweaters, browse through some Black-owned fashion brands to find a piece you would love to have in your wardrobe. February is Black History Month, and there is no better way to support Black individuals, communities and businesses than using your economic power by buying directly from them. Keep reading to see a list of some Black-owned fashion brands that have great pieces and can fit into a college student’s price range.

Sorella Boutique

Heather Sanders founded Sorella back in 2012, at only 20 years old and with no background in the fashion industry. The boutique opened its first brick-and-mortar store in Los Angeles that year and grew in popularity when it launched #GirlsTour, a campaign that represented independent women of all ages, colors and sizes. Today, Sanders’ store ships internationally and is a popular streetwear premier brand. Sorella is the perfect store if you are looking for unique takes on basic clothing items or statement pieces and you prefer to shop online. Their prices are fair, and they even have a large sale section.

Dayseon’s Fashion

This clothing store is right in Binghamton, located at 192 Main St and has a unique collection of crewnecks and other fashion-forward pieces. From now until March 1, Dayseon’s Fashion is having a storewide sale where you get $10 off purchases of $40 or more and $5 off most individual items. In-store pickup is currently available.

Diva Boutique

From laced-up jeans to party dresses to patterned tops, Diva Boutique has it all. Diva Boutique offers affordable prices and a vast collection ranging from dresses, loungewear, swimsuits, jewelry and collections for holidays. Anyone could find an interesting item that fits their style at Diva Boutique. Located in Miami, Florida, the shop ships internationally.

Ju’Nae Fit

If you are a gym fanatic and want to update your workout attire, Ju’Nae Fit is right up your alley. The store has bright, colorful sports bras, biker shorts, leggings and everything else you need for your workout. The leisure sets are bestsellers that often sell out, so get them as soon as you can! The prices are low and the quality is high, making Ju’Nae Fit a great option to shop from.

Nichole Lynel

Nichole Lynel has a large range of fun and trendy basics at reasonable prices. Nichole Lynel founded the online boutique in 2014, just two weeks before debuting at a Los Angeles fashion show, and has since then become a multimillion-dollar empire in less than two years. Nichole Lynel also sells gorgeous dresses and gowns, if you want to walk around your bedroom dream of the post-pandemic days, and a heel collection called “NL X Twelve AM.”


If you’d like to get ahead of the game and start picking out new swimsuits for the summer season, check out EgoSwim. EgoSwim has a small but affordable and unique collection of swimwear. EgoSwim was started by a group of friends who decided to make their own swimwear brand after traveling together.

NaClO Apparel

If you have been wanting a comfy sweatsuit, NaClO Apparel has plenty of colorful, neutral and tie-dye options to shop from. The brand was created by Jamie Williams and Charles Royals with the intention of making pieces that “aimed to prove that complexity can be found through a simplistic process and an average household item,” according to The Nile List.

There are plenty more Black-owned fashion brands to look into and shop from, but these are just a few worth looking into! Happy shopping!