Gone are the days of autumn wardrobes of knit cardigans and UGG boots. It’s time to bring in the new trends and basics of this fall season. Here’s a guide to the best fall color schemes, basics, trends and how to fulfill your Pinterest closet dreams!

Menswear Fashion

Men’s inspired looks have grown in popularity. From sweaters to loafers to leather jackets and trousers, every piece has been all the rage. With less focus on gender norms and a shift to individualism and comfort, it’s no wonder why.

To get started, let’s go over colors. Sage green, soft pinks, burnt oranges, paired with classic neutrals like navy, black, cream and taupes are all the rage. Bright colors add an interesting, eye-catching element to your outfit. By pairing it with neutrals, you’ll be able to look classic.


Two words: chunky boots. Over the past few years, the chunky shoe trend has shifted from sneakers to sandals to boots. The Prada chunky Chelsea boot has been all the rage, but at over $1,000, it’s a steep price for any college student to pay. Steve Madden has come out with a dupe — the Howler bootie, costing around $95, is a much more affordable option for college students. The Howler is almost identical to the original Prada version and is of course a great option to protect against the bitterly cold weather of Binghamton.


Let’s take a look at sweater trends. Chunky knits have been a classic staple for many years. However, this year the focus has shifted more to an even chunkier, oversized look. Men’s sweaters are the best way to accomplish this. Shop thrift stores for a vintage look or check out your dad’s, brother’s or boyfriend’s closet! Sweaters are such a versatile option — from a bright color, paired with a classic pair of jeans or a simple basic turtleneck with a statement skirt, there’s something for everyone.

If you aren’t into the sweater and jeans look, matching sweat sets are a great comfortable option. By pairing a sweatshirt with matching sweatpants, socks and chunky sneakers is a perfect way to remain comfortable and warm. Not to mention, the matching sets are super cute and look put together. Pretty Little Thing, Aerie and ASOS have tons of options to achieve this look.


Coats are so needed, especially in the frigid weather of Binghamton. Sherpa jackets and leather jackets are opposite ends of the spectrum, but are super popular nonetheless. Sherpa jackets look amazing with a sweater and jeans or pair it with a matching sweat set for an athleisure look. Long leather jackets add an edge to black jeans, a chunky knit sweater and boots. Regardless of which trend you choose to explore, jackets are a great way to stay warm and look cool this fall and winter!


Accessories add a unique extra element to any outfit. Simple jewelry pieces, funky socks and headbands from brands like ASOS, Francesca’s and Etsy have great options. Pair layered necklaces with a matching sweat set, brightly colored socks with chunky sneakers or a preppy headband with sweaters and jeans for a cute fall look.


Finally, let’s take a look at nail trends. Whether you prefer acrylic or natural nails, a unique nail look is so fun! Using the fall colors previously mentioned is a great way to look trendy and fresh. Want something a little more attention-grabbing? Try acrylics with designs like animal print, a bright colored French tip look or multiple different colors in the same family to achieve it.