When the coronavirus pandemic hit in full force, everyday life was severely altered. Going out to restaurants, gyms, theaters, salons and nonessential stores was impossible. Everything closed down and most Binghamton University students returned home much earlier than expected. However, nature preserves and parks remained open, which allowed people to get in touch with nature when so much had closed down due to COVID-19. The playlist here reflects that time.

“invisible string” by Taylor Swift

A cut off Taylor Swift’s most recent album, “Folklore,” which depicts Swift in the woods on its cover, emulates the warm feeling that nature gives. It involves a slightly muted acoustic guitar riff and stripped-down vocals. Some strings make a subtle appearance, but the guitars are most rhythmically and musically notable in creating a beautiful song.

“Going to California” by Led Zeppelin

This song is a classic from Led Zeppelin. The acoustic guitar arrangements are uplifting and moving by itself, but it gets even better with Robert Plant’s sweet crooning. The hopeful lyrics of finding a new start in California give off an optimism that was sorely needed during the quarantine.

“Marigold” by Pinegrove

This song is the perfect companion to immersing yourself in a natural environment. The instrumental has droning organ notes that drag on with a noodling electric guitar playing over it. The notes start developing more quickly, but the relaxing vibe remains throughout.

“Map to the Stars” by Ducktails

The chill vocals and keys with lyrics about the stars make this a great song for looking out at the night sky. The lyrics “Just follow / your own star” add to the motivational and astronomy-related theme.

“we fell In love in october” by girl in red

This song is about autumn, but the descriptions of the leaves and the stars make it a fitting song for any introspective night. The hard-hitting chords and restrained vocals make this a wonderful song to listen to while vibing out in the woods.

Check out these songs and more on this Spotify playlist!