Looking to get out and explore Binghamton’s art scene? Between painters, potters and jewelers, First Friday has something for everyone. First Friday is a good way to explore all that Downtown Binghamton has to offer while continuing to socially distance.

First Friday was established in the early 2000s to give local artists a chance to showcase their works. Throughout the past 20 years, First Friday has expanded to include restaurants, vintage stores and many other additional creative events. Here is a list of the First Friday events in September!

Sept. 4 to Sept. 26 at Orazio Salati Studio & Gallery (204 State St.)

Orazio Salati will feature works that were created during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Sept. 4 to Sept. 26 at Cooperative Gallery 213 (213 State St.)

Cooperative Gallery is featuring the works of artists MaryRose, Judy Salton and Karissa Salton. Judy Salton’s exhibition, “Politicians at Play,” uses popular games as her inspiration, with pieces like, “Chess & Checkers,” “Trumpopoly,” “Dominos,” “Cards,” “Risk,” “Scrabble” and “What’s My Lyin” to represent current politicians, like Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump, and their policies. Karissa Salton’s exhibition, “Celestial Body Series” depicts women as celestial beings. MaryRose’s exhibition “Inspired” includes 17 pieces inspired by the COVID-19 lockdown. These pieces were made when 10 artists, including Salton and MaryRose, formed a support circle called “Challenge Circle: Creating In Place, Keeping in Touch and Supporting Each Other” in April.

Sept. 4 to Sept. 26 at Artisan Gallery (95 Court St.)

“Everything but Nothing” will feature the works of Martina DiRose that focus on what is important in life.

Feb. 28 to Sept. 23 at Roberson Museum and Science Center (30 Front St.)

“Regional Color” exhibition will feature the works of Joseph Opshinsky. The collection includes collages of cut paper placed intricately to look like vibrant paintings at a distance.