If you ask any student from the New York City area, chances are they pride themselves on their neighborhood’s bagels. Bagels, which historically came from Jewish communities in Poland and were originally made of yeast wheat dough, finally made their way to New York City in the 1800s as a result of Eastern European Jewish migration. You’ll often hear that the New York City water is what makes the bagels so delicious. Is this rumor really true? Possibly. However, there are plenty of options in the Binghamton area that could compete with the delicacies of New York and its surrounding suburbs. If you’re missing a taste of home, try these bagel spots.

Best Bagels In Town

The name is “Best Bagels In Town” for a reason. The store, located on 1435 Upper Front St., has a wide variety of bagels and sandwiches. Try the new and improved strawberry bagels with cream cheese for something unique. Or the sausage, egg and cheese on an everything bagel if you’re in the mood for something savory. Best Bagels offers a friendly and welcoming sit-down environment that will make you come back for more.

The Bagel Factory

The Bagel Factory is a Binghamton classic located on 9 Glenwood Ave. — just a short walk or drive for any students living on the West Side. The Bagel Factory offers over 20 different flavors of bagels and nearly 15 flavors of cream cheese. Try the Nova lox with cream cheese — you won’t regret it. Want something light? Have a cinnamon raisin bagel with lite plain cream cheese. The Bagel Factory is a perfect place to gather with your friends for a Saturday morning breakfast.


Want a break from dining hall food? Nezuntoz is a perfect solution, located on 50 Pennsylvania Ave. on Binghamton’s Southside. Nezuntoz is just a short drive away, making it a perfect place to visit off campus. The Huevos con Queso bagel sandwich is amazing and a perfect cure for a hangover. Or try one of the 16 unique flavors of bagels: the sun-dried tomato bagel with veggie cream cheese is delicious. A tasty bagel from Nezuntoz will fill you right up in preparation for your busy day. The restaurant itself has plenty of seating, outlets and beautiful murals with bright lighting, making it the perfect place to study alone or in a group.

Einstein Bros. Bagels

Einstein’s Bros. Bagels is an on-campus favorite that offers a wide assortment of bagels, sandwiches, coffee and other drinks. It’s the perfect place to get something quick to eat before you rush off to class. You can’t go wrong with the classic plain bagel with the Garden Veggie Shmear. If you’re in the mood for something substantial, try the Farmhouse breakfast sandwich or the eggs, bacon, smoked ham and cheddar cheese on a cheesy hash brown bagel — it won’t leave anything to be desired.